Silly and cute quotes from my friends and bands, and quotes that i like.

yeah, so i got bored and decided my web site should have some other shit on it. so i just put this on here. it's not much right now cuz i haven't gotten that many quotes on yet, oh well though.

"i thought that was my butt!" -matt on nikole's squeeky shoes.

"execpted is over rated, it's all temporary, being yourself is forever" "To all of those who look down at me because of what I wear, I think you need some serious mental help, because what the hell are you wearing? Pants that show every line in your ass and shirts that don't cover your chest, what the hell is that? Why not run around naked? Oh, sorry, I forgot, whores only do that after they are paid." "Yeah, I'm a freak, or maybe I'm a Goth, I don't know. You all call me something different, why don't you settle on one and just call me "better"? " -some chick i was chatting with.

"To a world that never appreciated shit, you can suck my dick and fucking like it." -Jon Davis of KoRn

"It's time to open the package!!!"-Devon Sawa's dadums on Around the Fire.

That looks like Nikole's finger." -Nikole on amy's appendage hunt.

"I never said that i was imagining him in just foil. He could be wearing clothes and a drumset for all i know..." -Amy on the potato(phil)

"Puddles are like cows, they dry up where you walk." -Me

"I'm gonna think I'm gonna call someone some bastard." -Nathan Silva a.k.a. Super Weasel

"Lick my bitch dick" -Amy