i don't have that many bands on here at the moment...give me some fucking time and i will though. i just never work on this section of my site...maybe i should.


this is slipknot, they get 2 pix cuz i love them so much and couldn't decide which pic to use...


this is korn, i love them :)

Wes Borland

i'm not a limp fan anymore, but i still love wes. not only is he increadibly hott but he is also hella kool.

the union underground

i love this band. they kick ass. i fell in love with them when me and randi both started to listen to them before anyone knew who they were.


i love mudvayne, they're hella kool.

Coal Chamber

i've loved this band for close to 2 years now. they kick ass.


godsmack's hella kool. i like their first album better than their second one though.


this is nirvana, duh. yep. mhm. kurt is dead. yes. they live on though...in amy's heart. she is gay. gay i tell you. gay for nirvana(words from the amy)

Green Day

i can't really write anything right now, but i love this band, they have been one of my faves since i was in the 6th grade. that's a little over 4 years.

***other bands i like***

**pantera-these guys are pretty kool. i have 4 of their cd's. i like them a lot.
**(hed)pe-i love this band! they are so silly and i just love em! i even got nathan to like them. wow.
**staind-this band kicks some major ass...as depressing as their music is, i still love them. assron lewis has such a great voice, i love it.
**cold-this band reminds me a lot of staind, i don't know why, but they do. they're pretty damn kool.
**orgy-i've liked orgy for a long time now, since i was in 8th grade. they may look a little on the gay side...but their music is good.
**sublime-i got into these guys back in 6th grade...long time i know. they're pretty kool. a little different than the kind of music i usually listen to though.
**stone temple piolets-these guys are hella kool! i love them, just about every one of their songs kicks ass.
**silverchair-i've been in love with this band for almost 5 years. they kick so much ass! i have all of their cd's(except for their best of cd)
**rancid-this is my fave punk band. they kick ass. yep yep. i've been listening to them since 6th grade as well.
**smashing pumpkins-these guys are kool, i don't like all of their songs, but i do like a lot of em.
**letters to cleo-i got into this band cuz of "10 Things I Hate About You". they did most of the soundtrack and that's like my face movie so yeah.
**kittie-these are some kool chicks...except the drummer, i don't like her.
**nickleback-not a lot of people have heard nickelback, but i love them. they're cd kicks ass!
**soulfly-i love these guys! i love the whole primitive cd...i haven't heard any of their other cd's...i'm sure i'd like em too.
**sepultura-i like this band, they're kool.
**marilyn manson-this is one freaky ass mother fucker...but that's what makes him so damn loveble! haha.
**incubus-i was obsessed with these guys last summer. i love them. the lead singer(brandon)has this increadible voice...i love it.
**fuel-i loved these guys back in 8th grade. then stopped listening to them. then i started again last year, i love them again!
**dope-i love DOPE! they are so kool! me and randi always sang "fuck the police", that was our song.
**disturbed-these guys are kool...though i got tired of the for awhile there, i'm over that now.
**cake-these are some really weird guys...i love them though!
**buckcherry-i haven't heard much of them lately, but i still love them so much! i renember the first time i ever heard them...
**weezer-these guys are kool. they have some silly shit too!
**rob zombie-i love this guy! i truely do! i have for almost 3 years now. i love his song "living dead girl"..hehe.
**tool-maynard is so kool. and strange. i love him though.
**NIN-this band is kool, they have such a strange kool sound.
**tantrick-i just got into these guys, i love them though! they're hella kool! it's true!
**taproot-i like these guys a lot...it took me awhile to really get into them though. i am now!
**primer 55-i like this band...i love the song "supa freak love". it cracks me up!
**spineshank-i like this band a lot. i haven't listening to them in awhile though...
**everclear(the old stuff)-these guys kick ass! i have loved them since i was in 6th grade! they were my fave band for the longest time.
**veruca salt-i used to love this band a lot. i just started to get back into them, i'm glad i did.
**stabbing westward-a lot of their songs are sad but i still like em. i've loved them for about 4 years.
**skillet-randi got me into these guys. we have our song "locked in a cage". it kicks so much ass! no one else really knows who they are which is kool.
**skinlab-i just started to listen to these guys cuz phil talked about them a lot so i decided to DL some of their music. they're hella kool.
**papa roach-i don't like these guys as much as i used to, but they still have some really good songs...no not "last resort" amy!
**no doubt(the older shit)-they have some pretty good music. especially the older shit. i love it!
**metallica(the older shit)-i grew up on this music. i loved it when i was little...and i love it now. not really the new stuff cuz they are becoming pussies, but the old shit is hella kool.