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All About Me

NaMe: PaRaDiSe GiRL

AgE: 25

LoC: StR8 OuT oF HaYsTaCk

MaRiTaL sTaTuS: SiNgLe N AvAiLaBlE

OcCuPpAtIoN: LoOkInG gOoD N FlYiNg HiGh (J/K)

ShOuT OuTz: SuP To MoNicA,RaHuL,NiLaY, My SiStEr NaZiA, AsHiAnA, MeHnAz,KuSh,AnEeS bHaI,AsIf aTtIa,AmAn,BoBbY,ImRaAn, SoFi, ZeEnA, JaSoN, & To evEryOne i FoRgOt SoRrY sTiLL GoT LuV 4 u !

My Favourite Pictures

Me, MySeLf & I

You R My One And Only!(Haven't Found U)

Me and Naz on Eid

Me and Mah Sisters1!

Me and Mah Sisters2!

Me and Mah Sisters3!

To ThE oNe I lOvE!

Animations I Like!

To Everyone Visiting My Page!

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