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Come with me to Mystical places.. were your heart is set to soar..were the light of a firefly or a fairy, guides your way..

Only the believers are allowed to see, this beautiful land.. dedcated with glee..Kisses of sunshine, and hugs of love, playful hearts reside in here

My little fairies are waiting for thee..To share Mischief and fun.. They have so many places they love to be.. Magic dust awaits you, if you choose to stay and Imagine all the things that could be..

Words that inspire..bring a few tears to your eyes..Then you will know.. You allowed the unknown to shift in your heart.. Fantasies are hidden in the dark.. Untill you dare to dream..

Starlight and moonbeams..sparkling fairies flying about.. Scents of flowers blooming in the air.. A garden of delight is where you will find me..awaiting for you..

Written by Fantasy

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