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    If you are at this website you already know that blink rocks.  Maximize your little window thingy or whatever it's called for optimum viewing pleasure.  Also, if you like blink, I highly recommend checking out A New Found Glory, Saves the Day, Fenix TX, the Ataris, and your mom.  Thank you, that is all, you may proceed.

    There are many good bands out now-a-days.  However, I think one of the best bands out is Blink-182.  Their most recent C.D. is bitchen.  It's clever title makes you laugh once you say it out loud.  It's called "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket".  HA!  It also debuted at #1 on the charts blah, blah, blah.  This is my fave Blink c.d.

"Take Off Your Pants and Jacket"

    Their first attempt at a live album kicks ass.  It is called, "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)".  It has only one studio recorded song on it.  It's called "Man Overboard".  It rules (so do all the potty jokes!).

"Enema Strikes Back"

    Their third C.D. "Enema of the State" went multi-platinum, and is said to be their best C.D.  I however, think it is just so so.

"Enema of the State"

Even though I think "Enema of the State" is a good C.D., I believe that their older C.D.'s are better. The other C.D.'s, such as, "Dude Ranch" and "Cheshire Cat", display their roots as more of a punk band.

"Dude Ranch" "Cheshire Cat"

Their oldest C.D., "Buddah" has basically the same songs as "Cheshire Cat" but they are unedited.  It also includes "Girl Next Door", which is my favorite Blink song.


Here is a Bio on Blink I found:

    Blink 182 guitarist and vocalist Tom Delonge had a round table  with producer Jerry Finn (Green Day's Dookie) during the recording of the trio's new album, "Enema of the State". The game plan and mission statement were made crystal clear.

    "We wanted this to be the album every punk rock kid takes into their producer and says, 'I want my guitars to sound like this!'" says Delonge, "Hopefully we've achieved that."

    After years of being as well known for their adolescent humor as their music, the San Diego pop punk threesome -- Delonge, bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, and new drummer Travis Barker -- seems to have made that desired creative leap with Enema of the State.

    The songs on their debut album, Cheshire Cat, dated back to their days in high school and were four years old by the time they were played in a recording studio. That album was recorded in three days flat. Its follow-up, Dude Ranch, took a comparatively massive eight weeks to put together.

    With the Finn-produced "Enema of the State", they were the virtual punk kids in the candy shop.  "We had a million different amps to work with and a million different drums to work with. We had the best gear in the world to record or just about, and Jerry had a lot of his own gear. We're really excited because it's by far the best album to date. It sounds amazing, and it sounds really expensive!" he laughs. "If anything, people are going to say, 'the songs suck, but it sounds great!'"

    Delonge is surprisingly open to the idea of sound having such added elements as orchestral backing one day.  "We have piano on one song, and it's featured, and that's something that I never thought we'd have, but it sounds beautiful.  Maybe we'll write a crazy punk rock anthem, and we'll find some place for an orchestra in it," he says. "I heard a punk band do that before, and it sounded amazing. Of course all the kids with the mohawks will think that's the stupidest thing in the world to do until they hear it."

    The occupation of the young lady gracing the cover of the new album is much more in line with popular perceptions of all things Blink 182.  "Janine, she's a star. We were talking about having a big voluptuous beautiful lady on the cover. So we got a bunch of pictures from magazines and places, and she was the one that we chose," Delonge admits.

    "She had two very big reasons for being the choice. She's so nice and so cool, and she's so down to earth it was rad. She's actually in our video as well, so we got to hang out with her a little bit again. She was stoked to be a part of the project, and we were stoked to have her as part of the project, too. Her boyfriend is a popular radio DJ."

    There have been other occasions that have had the band members' hormones racing for entirely different reasons.  "There was this one kid who showed up to a show who said he was going to kill us. He said Mark stole his girlfriend, and he was going to kill Mark. He was completely possessed by the devil himself, I guess. I don't know if you can say he's a fan, but he paid to get in," Delonge laughs. "He paid to get in to kill us. But I guess if we had a dollar for everyone that wants to kill us, we'd be pretty rich right now, so it doesn't matter."

I know sorry, this page sucks, but there isn't really anything I can do about it.  P.S. anyone with the name Richard or Dick is awesome.


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