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Pony Ex-Press


In a moment of insanity, one woman decided to take the plunge into zine editing.  In that moment, Pony Ex-Press (a cheesy name to be sure, but a functional one) was born.  We swear we'll get a Laramie zine yet, and then the title will make a lot more sense.  Until then....


Now available!"Strong Enough" , a multimedia gen zine focusing on the strong females we love so well. Click here for more information. Proceeds from this zine will benefit breast cancer research.

Now available: "Superman" , an Emergency! gen zine by AJM! Click here for details and ordering information.

Now available!"Magic and Mystery" , a Real Ghostbusters gen zine! Click here.


For submission guidelines (please read before submitting anything!), click here.


This site is under construction; I haven't received the shipment of bells and whistles yet.  They'll get here, one day. J


Audrey Lynne, Editor