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Michael's Urantia Book Page

I have studied the Urantia Book since I was twelve, I am forty something now. Were it not for this text I might never have found a way to believe in God. I was questioning everything and looking for some answers that made sense. At first it appeared to be some well thought out Christian "propaganda" to me. It took me a while to realize that it does not hesitate to contradict the beliefs of Christian doctrine. For instance, the Urantia Book is very clear on the issue of sacrifice in the temple. It made Jesus weep. He wept to see men slaughtering living creatures to atone for their sins. He wished that they could just accept God's love and his understanding. The book is careful to point out that Paul only wrote that doctrine to sway those of Jewish faith. They explain that it is his attempt to win the very people that the Lord had loved so much. I had discovered a new Jesus! One that lived in strength and died with honor: not as a sacrifice but as a servant of God and man. When we called for his death his heart was broken. He lived the same life as nearly every servant of God before him, he did not request any thing else.
This book formed a foundation in both my library and my mind. I could now read the Bible with far more depth and understanding. The bible seems to agree with the Urantia book as I get more in to the original languages and more accurate translations. After a while I had absorbed the U-book and started contemplating about the things that it did not discuss., like astral planes and fields, chakras, crystals etc. It said that it could not reveal everything in this text, we were not yet ready to understand these things. The book was channeled from approx. 1935-1955.

In 1970 came the Keys of Enoch. like the long awaited sequel!


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