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left top: frankie, jen, javier, christene, rick, roxanne, steph and will, nicole and cedric...
middle: earl and krystal
bottom: ashley and cynthia

RioRDaN'S PrOm : ToP RoW: tristan and me, dude #1 and his date, dude #2 and date, heather, jr, charles and date, joy and mark, MiDDlE: limo boy and vanessa, bryan and date, dude #3 and date, christina and boy BoTToM: krissy and byron
gina kissin anthony, ryan and toni, me and al, boy from drew and michelle(ma), mark(step-ma) and charnella(daddie), BoTToM: billy and adrienne, hillie and steven, christine and mark

ClIcK oN tHe

tO ReTuRn tO sTePh'S pAlAcE