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mY 411

NaMe: Steph

LoCaTiOn: Daly City, California

BiRtHdAy: ...March 1...

ScHoOl: Mercy High School c/o 2003

HeIgHt: 5'1 and 3/4" (not quite 5'2" yet)

EyE CoLoR: Dark Brown

GlAsSeS: CoNtAcTs

HaIr cOlOr: Dark Brown

NaTtIoNaLiTy: Chinese and Nicaraguan

LaNgUaGeS: English, Spanish, Cantonise

SpOrTs: Volleyball, Basketball, Martial Arts, etc.

FaV nUmBeR: # 21

FaV aNiMaL: MoNkeY

DiSLiKeS: i hate people who are fake, i hate playas, and people that don't have respect for others, and a few other things...

ClIcK oN tHe

tO ReTuRn tO sTePh'S pAlAcE