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. . .Amazing Remedies and Procedures


for Pain & Injury



Okay, You've injured yourself !

Do you want to reduce the pain & swelling in a few minutes ?

Do you want to speed the healing so that it only takes 1/3 the normal time ?

. . Do you need to control that chronic pain from an old injury ?

. . . . . . Let's take a look at DMSO . . .




DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) is a colorless, clear liquid that freezes at room temperature.

It is a by-product of the process for making particle board (a plywood substitute formed from sawdust, glue and heat).

Who knows who, how, or why ? . . . . But some person decided to apply this clear liquid from the sawmill directly onto the sprained ankle of a racehorse. Interestingly, the horse showed signs of reduced pain . . . and the ankle healed in about one-third of the expected time.

DMSO is now a standard veterinary remedy and is also sold in horse-supply stores.

It was only one step further for someone to apply it to a human. Humans found that it stopped or reduced pain . . . and [just like horses] injuries healed in about one-third of the expected time.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) intervened and allowed further applications to humans only under controlled medical application tests. Results from these tests suggested that DMSO might regenerate damage to nerve tissue (which normally does not regenerate).

By 1979, the FDA had cleared all the (many) drugs on its long list, except for two of the most controversial substances known to man: LSD and DMSO.

LSD did not get approved [However, in Canada it is used to cure alcoholism].

That left DMSO. The last drug on the list! The inexpensive, no side-effects, pain and injury treatment. What was the FDA to do with this "persecuted drug ?"

Well, what they did was . . . They performed the largest drug test ever conducted. Three hundred volunteer prisioners took a sponge bath daily with DMSO for six months!

Five volunteers dropped out almost immediately as they became nauseous from the taste produced, for they were sensitive to garlic, and DMSO produces a garlic-like taste in the mouth [this is rarely a problem when used in small amounts].

The rest of the volunteers (all 295 of them) completed the six month trial with no negative side effects! This in itself is a minor miracle. Additionally, several volunteers who had internal medical conditions found that these conditions cleared up or lessened during the trial, and it happened without receiving any additional treatment for these conditions.

By 1980, the FDA had approved DMSO as safe and effective for Urinary Cystitis (a bladder infection). With an absence of side-effects, a doctor's prescription was not required and it appeared on the shelves of health food stores everywhere, where it can still be found today.



DMSO is applied to the skin over a painful area or an injured part. Don't put a lot on. First find the most sensitive or painful spot in a sore or injured area. Then put a little DMSO on your fingertip and rub it into the sensitive spot for 5 to 10 seconds. Leave the spot uncovered for 5 minutes, then get dressed and go about your business.

Apply as needed: Once or twice a day to sore or aching areas; Once an hour to really painful areas; Every 15 minutes to acutely injured areas. Under any circumstances, always use the smallest amount that you can in order to acheive the desired results.

DMSO has a molecular structure that allows it to slip between the cells in the skin and through inflamed and swollen areas. This in itself is unusual, because our skin is supposed to keep all substances out. Recognizing this penetrating quality is the key to understanding how it works.

The penetrating DMSO molecules actually clear pathways or channels through inflamed and swollen areas, thus allowing accumulated blood, fluid, and debris to be washed away by the [sluggish] blood stream. This allows fresh blood with nutrients and repair materials to flow into the affected area.

Pain relief, usually felt within two minutes*, is due to decreased pressure in the sore area, which is due to increased circulation. Accelerated healing is due to increased circulation being allowed to repair the site three to five times faster than normal.

*One patient (only) felt "heavy" with DMSO in his severely injured foot, but he had no pain relief.
Two weeks later he experienced a breakthrough and the pain suddenly relieved.
This is unusual, but it demonstrates that sometimes it may be more than a few minutes.

A garlic-like flavor might be tasted in the mouth anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes after application. The DMSO molecules penetrate the skin, enter the capillaries, and are carried in the blood stream to the inside of the tongue where they stimulate the taste buds [from the inside!] with their garlic-like taste. This does not occur to everyone, and its effect is normally not a cause for concern.

A tingling is usually felt in the skin where the DMSO was applied anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes after application. When the DMSO molecules penetrate the skin, they steal water from the skin cells (DMSO is hygroscopic). Tingling is no problem, and pain reduction usually takes place when the tingling begins. Irritation or burning is not common, but if it occurs, immediately apply a few drops of distilled water to the area. That should stop the irritation right away.



DMSO must be applied under clean conditions. DMSO is virtually a universal solvent; that is, it will absorb or disolve almost anything. Anything dissolved in DMSO will be carried into your body.

Thus, your hands and the area to be treated must be cleaned. Do not handle DMSO with dirty or greasy hands, or after handing chemicals or pesticides.

Medical applications include adding cortisone or ibuprofin to the DMSO prior to application. My Aikido teacher used to be a biochemical lab assistant at the University of California (circa 1972). He said, "All of us lab assistants used to carry a squirt gun filled with a mixture of LSD and DMSO!" Draw your own conclusions from this amazing confession.


Rumors and Myths

THE DANGEROUS DRUG MYTH: There are those who claim that DMSO is dangerous; that even if it is certified 99.9% pure, that the remaining 0.1% may contain other dangerous chemicals.

Those who make these claims often have the initials M.D. associated
with their name. And this even in the face of the FDA approving DMSO
as safe and effective after the biggest drug test ever !

These warnings, although theoretically possible, do not bear out in reality. These warnings have been sounded loud and clear since the 1970's. Now that the 21st century is well under way, we are still waiting to hear about that first example, that first case of a problem due to the (rumored) dissolved dangerous chemicals. It really doesn't seem to be the dangerous situation we were warned about.

THE SKIN COLOR RUMOR: They say that white people should use 99.9% pure DMSO in a 70% solution with 30% distilled water. This is because their Viking skin is more sensitive and will be less irritated if the DMSO is diluted.

They also say that dark people should not experience irritation with 100% DMSO.

"They" are not defined, but they do like to spread rumors. The above two statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, but they have been evaluated by experience. They are simply rumors - Skin color is no indication of how DMSO will affect anyone. See these two case histories :

A White, White Russian severly injured his back. He had a gallon of 100% DMSO which he
poured several times a day onto his lumbar area by the cupful !
He experienced no skin irritation [But he gave off a garlic odor that people thought was propane ! ]

A Black, Black Jamaican had a mild low back pain. He applied a small amount of 70% DMSO gel.
Five minutes later he was crying that "It burns! It burns!" as he jumped about like a puppet.
The application of some water immediately stopped the burning and his back pain was gone !



A 3-year supply for the average family is less than $10.

DMSO is found at Health Food stores everywhere

DMSO is available in:

Liquid (runs easily - hard to control).

. . Cream (try it - you might like it).

. . . . Roll-on (not for more than one person !).

. . . . . . Gel ( this is the best - it is easy to control).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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