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Raziel's Story

I am Raziel.

First-born lieutenant of my master and creator the deified vampire Kain.

It has been a millennium since my brethren and I stood with him and subjugated the land of Nosgoth--enslaving most of the pitiful remnants of humanity.

Kain's contempt for mankind has driven them nearly to the brink of extinction.

So when the rare opportunity struck to taste the blood of one so beautiful...

I could not resist the temptation.

What is this?

Your blood is not human, woman. Nor is it our holy vampiric blood.

What manner of creature are you?

I am as you, Raziel. Dead and yet living.

A construct of the elder gods.

They sent me to you to deliver a warning... A prophecy of the coming darkness.

The demise of the clans' glorious empire enroaches upon us.

Kain's arrogance has set the course that will doom us all.

By his creation of the vampire clans, hereafter are stuck in this despicable limbo.

There is no balance between life and death.

Raziel, redeemer and destroyer, fate has chosen you to balance the scales.

You are Kain's first-born, the other clan leaders fear and loathe you, but you have their respect.

Kain knows this.

You are the first to evolve beyond your creator, Raziel.

The fisrt to bear the gift of wings.

But you must remember, Kain is a jealous god.

And though you show obeisance by kneeling before him, he will not tolerate such an affront to his unchallenged divinity.

As he created, so shall he destroy.