Alright. I think I should have a reason to WHY I like Reno and Tifa as a couple [yes, including HyperAngel]. Well...we don't really like them as a couple...we just think they look cute together. I mean, look at them! They do look cute if Reno changed his ways, right? Right? (AGREE WITH ME PEOPLE!!! j/k....) I mean, Shi-chan and myself absolutely agree with the Cloud and Tifa deal and are big, no HUGE supporters of them! Honest to god we are!!! *crosses her heart*

Well...you must be wondering why we're supporters of Cloud and Tifa when we have a shrine dedicated to Reno and Tifa. Well...be thankful Tifa isn't also paired up with Cloud, Reno, Vincent, Sephiroth, Tseng, Rufus, and so on unlike *ahem* a certain girl clad in PINK!!! The most hideous color in this entire world!!! [Okay so it's NEON pink but same difference]. Okay, Cloud is truly an okay guy and I certainly have no problem with his hair! Like some drooling Aerith fans even though they pretend that they think his hair is the most adorable thing on this planet! *gag* (Sorry to those whom are NICE Aerith fans...don't mean to insult ya!). Now where was I? Oh right! IF Cloud totally dumped Tifa for the human dead-I mean, Aerith Gainsborough, then who's the backup? Huh? Huh? Reno's one!!! And maybe Vincent! See...they are the TWO hotties left after Cloud!! Whoo hoo!!

So whaddya say? You don't have to agree on our thinking but don't flame us about it! *grovels at their feet* I'm a TRUE Cloud and Tifa fan but I only wanted to try something new!!!!! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME!!! [Oh c'mon! You KNOW they look cute together if Cloud was never in the picture!) *a certain peeved audience comes after her with a bucket of rocks to throw at a certain someone* Ehe......oops...