Oh honestly! Why in the world did you come here?! Tee hee...just kidding. Okay...this is how it's gonna work. Anything written by us is just...unknown crap and you DO NOT want to read it. Trust me: I would know. Anything written by you people are just...cool!! They're really good stuff to read! And hm...also we'll provide summaries for our written work right beside it and the author...and maybe a warning...^^;;

Will You Be There For Me by: HyperAngel - A very sweet story about Vincent and Tifa. *sighs* I really like it so go read! And it's by my best buddy too!!
Cloud is very mean to Tifa by the way...ooh..and HER...*shudders* You'll know who "her" is once you read this story. Oh yeah...if you start to hate the story, stop reading it at once! We wouldn't want flames now would we? [Oh yes we do!] Shush you...ehe...my alter ego is talking! Ignore it and start reading!
For those of you who didn't read the above warning about crappy stories (actually the only crappy stories are my own! So go read Yuffers's! um... Angel speaking) This one is a really crappy one by yours truly and... oh... it made myself sooo mad!!! (and you're the one who wrote it too.. -.-;;) Don't mind her... my evil mind talking... *NE*ways, stay away! Go go!!::shoos you away from her yucky story:: Oh yea, this was suppose to be a one shot but... um... I couldn't stop writing... soo this is the outcome. I don't feel like chaptering it but if you wanted me to I guess I could.

A Beginner's Wish by: Tifa Strife ^_^ YAY! I *finally* got it posted! It's a really *REAAAAAAALLLY!!* great story by Tifa Strife... (I wonder what the pairings are...? ^_~)Vincent was always the cold and mysterious one of the AVALANCHE group... ever wonder why? Here it explains it all... Highly Recommended story. (It's just too good to pass up! READ!!)