Why Irvine and Selphie

Yeah yeah...I've seen a few people who don't like Selphie because of her resemblance to Yuffie and that she's too perky, and well...resembles a brat? Well I dunno but I personally like Selphie! She reminds me of myself! ^_^ Spunky and determined! Um...when I'm not at school! At school I'm shy, quiet, hm...reminds me of Tifa but anyway, Irvine and Selphie...weren't they just adorable when they were young? Of course they were!!!

And now that they're older Irvine has a crush on Selphie although he's a bit of a flirt...but hey, I can still dream. Irvine's a babe magnet isn't he? So even though Selphie's pretty indenial we all know she likes Irvine. She just doesn't wanna show her soft side and that's okay. Many people don't wanna let their crushes know o.O But let's see, they're both sweet in different ways, they're spunky, they're cool, and gee gosh darn! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!! There we go...I rest my case....and if you don't want me in my tantrums then I suggest you keep your mouth shut if you're about to say something mean about Selphie, Irvine, or both!

But they do don't they? [Do what?] Make a cute couple of course! Have you seen the ending of FFVIII (Okay, so it wasn't the best game I've played but good graphics and it was still good)? As you can see, she kinda gets jealous at the fact Irvine is recording these girls talking and not her. [He was using a video camera thingy]. So yeah...now we KNOW she loves him...anyone wanna object? *holds up her paperclip* I have a paperclip and I'm not afraid to use it!!! ^^;;