Those gorgeous red eyes, and that black raven hair of his...*sighs dreamily* He IS hot! You know who I'm talkin about! Yeah him!! He's just the coolest huh? Well if you're too braindead (no offense) to know who this guy is...it's Vincent Valentine!! I mean, those eyes, the hair, that build! And damn...what about that golden claw and the fangs! [Hey, if he doesn't have any fangs, a girl can pretend can't she?] See! And who else can he be paired up with but the one and only...*drumroll is heard* Tifa Lockheart!! Sure, she's the only one for Cloud BUT if there was no Cloud, it would be Vincent. I mean, *faints*(Or if Cloud does something stupid... you know what I mean...)

Okay wait...that part didn't count because I was only babbling. What I wanna say is that...look at them! If you were take Squaresoft, have them draw Vincent and Tifa together, they would look perfect!!! Don't you dare deny it!!! I tried drawing it [Honest!] but it turned out...let's just say I threw it in the trash. People normally pair Vincent up with Lucrecia which is obviously logical and sometimes Aerith which is too irrational for anyone to deal with! There is one story that I like with them but we're not getting into them because Aerith is just a sick person who loves nothing but pink and sells flowers for only *1* frickin gil and walks in the slums with her dress unbuttoned waaaay up there and yes, I mean there and she has no life at all but to walk around in pink frilly dresses and be a damsel in distress for life!!! *breathes deeply, hyperventilates, and faints* (See... this girl here hates her guts. Not saying I don't but atleast I have *tolerance*! Except for the pink... and the buttons thing... and the pink... and the flirting and inmaturity... did I mention pink? -.-;;)

Geez...never try a run on sentence with the word Aerith in it...it can keep you going forever and EVER!! Trust me...if you're not a pretty big fan of Aerith or zilch fan of hers...oh brother...you could die!! But Vincent is just a COOL vampy with those sexy clothes and Tifa is the goddess of all goddesses and they just make a cute couple if Cloud was...*poof* [I think the audience perfermed a magic trick on me so I would not say no more...-_-;;](Hm.. did you mention looks...?)