Shi-chan: Hello! For this ramble ::looks around her:: I've decided to make it "Pick On Reno Day" a.k.a. "Aftermath of the Pink", just like the title up there~! :) 'cause I love him, lots and lots-

Reno: You do?? So... *walks over*

Shi-chan: *sweatdrop* Yes, I do, but you *took* my color! WAH!! *sniffle* My poor red... *I'm* suppose to be Death-girl... and don't even *think* about RENO! *slaps his hand away*

Sephiroth: *leans against masamune while looking up from the PSX2 game he and Vincent happens to be playing at the moment* (PHEW! That was long!!! ^^;;)* *flately* Do it Reno and lets see how you like to be skewered and then sliced. diced, and fillet?

Reno: *gulp* *backs away from Shi-chan slowly* Um.. no thankz!! Heh heh...

Shi-chan: Hey Reno! We're not *done* yet! Remember? *looks around* *stares as Vincent and Sephy-chan play the PSX2* Guys... as soon as I'm done ranting... CAN I PLAY??? PWEASE??

Vincent: Sure. Where's Rude? *looks up* I though he was going to...

Shi-chan: YAY! A *full* sentence in front of an "outsider"! (Reno) Hee... yea, he's coming. He'll be here in a minute. Said something about giving the poor guy a actual, no matter how slim, chance...

Sephiroth: Well, they *are* friends.

Reno: Um... can I talk, or better yet! Can I *go* now?

Shi-chan: Not yet! We haven't even *started* "Pick on Reno Day"!! We only need Rude and Zephyr to get in here! Then we'll get started.

Reno: But those two are my *friends*!

Shi-chan: So are we, Reno babe! It's just that you were annoying the *hell* out of them yesterday-

Reno: Was not!

::"Yea rights" and loud music in the background::

Shi-chan: Um... calling taking Rude's glasses and painting them over in neon-pink paint, destroying *all* of Zephyr's napping time, you were *so* hyper off sugar yesterday you even painted *Sephy-chan's* masamune *neon-pink*! You *then* took Zephyr's and my hair brushes and put the *neon-pink paint* in it so that we spent the rest of the *day* washing it out... and *so* much more! You call *that* not annoying????

Reno: Heh heh....

Shi-chan: And *then* *somebody* stole *someone's* DEATH PENALTY and FILLED it with NEON-PINK PAINT! *Then* that *same* someone decides to fill a spiky, blond hair person's gel bottle *and* hair-spray can with more NEON-PINK PAINT and that spiky, blond hair person spent a WEEK with pink hair until he finally washed it out.

Vincent: *glares* DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. GUN. TURK. OR. NO. TURK.

Reno: Eh heh... *begins to slowly back away*

::all eyes focus and glare Reno, all: Don't. Move.::

Reno: Erk...!

Shi-chan: Reno... where are you going? I haven't even offically *started* on "Pick on Reno Day"!! And I haven't gotten to how you totally annoyed *me* and the rest of the guys! Lemme see... then you interuppted Tifa in the middle of training and then you bugged her for an hour so she couldn't even get a short shower or nap, then you bugged Yuffie and Yerana by taking their things and they could *see* you do it! And *then* you decide to paint the whole PLACE in NEON-PINK PAINT!!! AND! You *took* my color and then bugged me so I couldn't even concentrate on *anything*! Let alone writing fanfics!!! Um.. one question Reno, before you suffer violently?

Reno: Er... yea?

Shi-chan: Were you *high* on neon-pink paint or something? Or do you just have an obbsession with it??

Sephiroth: I think he has an obbsession with it. *evil smile*

Reno: I *do* not! It's just....

Zephyr: *appears out of nowhere* Hi guys! Oh yea, Rude says he'll be here a little later so start without him if ya need to, k?

Shi-chan: Kay!

Sephiroth: All right.


Shi-chan: I wonder why he's coming late...?

Zephyr: Hee hee... might be because I was sorta, kinda, maybe *buuugging* him... *giggles* ^_^

Shi-chan: *giggles* Hee... figures... tee hee!!!

Zephyr: So... lets get started~!

Shi-chan: Great!

Sephiroth: I get first dibs.

Shi-chan: NO WAY!

Zephyr: Yea! WE GET HIM FIRST!

::A short fight ensues with Zephyr and Shi-chan coming out victorious::

Shi-chan: I know. I could not imagine a more idiotic villan. *shakes her head* ^_~

Reno: *trying to get out* HELP HELP HELP HELP~! Someone save me from these insane webmistresses!!!!!

Shi-chan: Yup. We're insanity-rejects~!

Zephyr: *nods* Yea. We were to insane for even them. *shakes her head*

Shi-chan: So, shall we get on with it?

Zephyr: Yes, I think we shall. *grins insanely*

Sephiroth: *groans* Okay. You get first dibs, but leaves some for me and Vincent too.

Vincent: Yes.

Zephyr and Shi-chan: We will! Promise!

Reno: *still trying to find a way out* Please help help help help help help help help help help help!!!!!!!!!

::Rude appears::

Reno: Rude! Ol' buddy ol' pal! You'll help me, right?

Rude:... sorry but I'm not doing anything but watching.

Reno: WHAT?????? How *could* you! What happened to friendship and trust and all that crap?

Zephyr: *You* happened to it, that's what.

Reno: What the hell is that suppose to mean?