Reno High On Pink

Reno: Hehehe...coast is clear....*snicker* *sneaks in Shi-chan and Zephyr's room with a bucket full of pink spray paints, buckets of pink paint, and so on* *sprays paint on their hairbrushes and sneaks back out*

::minutes later, talking can be heard::

Shi-chan: *laughs* Yup! That was funny! Gee....can we go get ice cream later? Please Tifa?

Tifa: Oh sure. Why not.

Shi-chan: Whoo hoo!! I get ready first?

Tifa: Alright. Hey...where's Zephyr?

Zephyr: YAY YAY YAY!!!!! *runs out, running in circles* Uncle Cloud got me some cotton candy!!!

Shi-chan: *flatly* Since when do you call him *Uncle* Cloud?

Zephyr: *giggles insanely* I dunno! Aunt Tifa, Aunt Tifa!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

Shi-chan: You're nuts.

Zephyr: EXACTLY!!!

Tifa: *notices Zephyr's hair* Did you do your hair? I mean, it's nice and everything but....

Zephyr: Huh? o.O?? *yanks out a strand of hair* Yeow! Hm...*inspects it* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! MY HAIR IS PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shi-chan: Er...*looks around the room and spots a shadow not too far away* Looks like Reno, ya know?

Zephyr: RENO!!!!! *runs up to him and cries* Waaaahh!! Someone painted my hair pink!

Reno: Hehehehe

Zephyr: What's so funny?

Reno: Buahahahaha!!! *falls over in hysterics*

Shi-chan: I think he knows something....

Reno: HAHAHAHA!!!!

Zephyr: *turns red* Reno!! You stupid..*kicks him* lil *kicks him again* bast-

Tifa: Zephyr!

Zephyr: Oops...sorry....

Shi-chan:*inspects Zephyr's hair* It's gonna take you *at least* a day to clean this out of your hair!*growls* What the heck did you use, Reno?? Kick him somemore Z-chan!

Reno: *gets up* Heh heh... It's been nice girls, but I gotta run!

Zephyr: Get your butt back here REEEENOOOOO!!!!!! ARGH!! *Neon-pink* too!!!

Tifa: Hm... you'd better start washing, it really doesn't look like it's gonna come out anytime soon.