When There's Nothing To Do

Cloud: *sitting on the floor with his hands clasped together behind his head and looking at Tifa*

Yrena: *sitting down with Yuffie, both of them looking at materia*

Zephyr: *sleeping on the couch with her head on Reno's lap as he strokes her hair, watching all the girls on the floor with a happy glint in his eye*

Shi-chan: *sitting on a chair around a table along with Sephiroth, Vincent, and Rude, playing a quiet game of poker*

Scarlet: *chases after Rufus around the room with her lips puckered up*

Shi-chan: What the hell is Scarlet doing? Doesn't she know this is "quiet" time?

Yrena: I don't know and I really couldn't care. All she is, is a psycho maniac who has nothing else to do except chase poor Ruffie baby around like there's no tomorrow....

Rufus: Ohmigod! Someone help meeee!!!!!

Scarlet: C'mere Ruffie darling! I want to give you something! *puckers her lips some more and makes some kissing noises*

Reno: Would ya keep it down! Zephyr's tryin to sleep here if ya haven't noticed! You know how scary she can get when someone wakes her up with no reason at all! *feigns fear* You know what I mean.

Tifa: Yeah...poor thing. She's been working too hard.

Reno: Yeah ya blokes!

Shi-chan: Hm...

Sephiroth: Hm...

Vincent: Hm...

Reno: *waves his arm in the air threateningly* Stop "Hm"ing before I stick this nightstick up your ass!!!! Can't you see she's sleeping?!

Sephiroth: *takes out his masumune and swings it around casually* I don't suppose...you wouldn't mind...having a contest...would you?

Reno: Ehehehe....no...*hangs his head low in defeat*

Shi-chan: Nice one Seph.

Vincent: *nods*

Zephyr: *yawns* G'mornin everybody! *looks up at Reno* Hello! ^_^

Yuffie: Finally! How long do ya plan on sleepin anyway?

Zephyr: Who knows...I'm just tired.

Scarlet: You know...I don't get it...why do YOU get to sleep on the hottie's lap huh? I mean *walks over to Reno and carresses his cheek* He's better off with me.

Zephyr: *gives her a death glare* Scarlet...GET. YOUR. HANDS. OFF. OF. HIM!!!!!!!! GET IT OFF THIS INSTANT!!!!! *turns red with anger as steam pours out of her ears* GET IT OFF!!!

Reno: *sticks his tongue out at her while giving her the hand gesture too*

Shi-chan: *giggles* Someone got in trouble...tee hee..

Zephyr: That's right so nyah! :P

Scarlet: You're no fun at all!

Vincent: ....Who would want to be fun when they're around you anyway....?

Zephyr: That's right! So go chase a pig or something.

Rufus: Gah!!!! Help me!!!!!

Everyone: Oh brother....