Raison d'Ítre


Hello, okay, you probably have gotten sick of these "Why Tifa and Cloud are best", right? I mean, look at all the Tifa shrines out there! (And Cloud is just sooo KAWAII!! Hee... and Tifa... she's just too pretty!! They're cute! Now that's a good enough reason... so you don't need to read the rest... well maybe you do. So...back to our scheduled programming.) But, we're still putting this up 'cause you need more reasons! So there! ^_~ hee, anyways, to the reason why Tifa and Cloud make the best couple! (after Reno and Vincent... of course! J/K!!! ACK! *ducks as you throw tomatoes at me* I didn't mean it! Really!! Help! Hey, want the reasons or not?)Okay then! Now take a seat *a seat magically comes up behind you and you sit down* Lets starts with the most obvious and staring-right-in-the-face-how-could-you-miss-it reasons, okay? Oh yea... wonder why I picked this background? You don't?! Oh well... you're gonna find out anyway, so there! :p, it's 'cause it reminds me of the night Tifa and Cloud were at the well. That was just sooo cute! ^__^ Okay, now the reasons!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Now, The List Of Reasons Why~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~

  1. They have been childhood frinds and shared an affection for each other (what other reason do you need?)
  2. Cloud went to join SOLDIER for Tifa so that she would notice him (And probably like him back... she did you dolt! It's also just too sweet! Still need more reasons? Okay, fine!)
  3. They just look sooo cute together!(Okay.. not as good as the other reasons but hey! It's still a valid reason!)
  4. She'll always look after him. (Think the time when Cloud was nothin' but a veggie in Mideel. Get it now, who didn't think they were a good couple. Hmph!)
  5. Tifa's love for Cloud is so easy for everyone to see (can't believe the dufus hasn't figured it out yet! Yeesh.. thick or what? Or maybe it's just a guy thing? Sorry guys out there! ^^;;)