Rain Must Fall

"I cursed the gloom that set upon us,
But know that I love you so...."
~ Led Zeppelin, "The Rain Song"

Yuffie stepped cautiously into Reno's bedroom, a place that was familiar to her, but seemed strangely foreign. She felt like an intruder, here in this place where she had willingly and lovingly bared not only her body but her soul countless times.

She was alone in his spacious apartment, and alone in her heart. She could remember being more alone, times when she had shoved the world away for a few moments of solitude, but never a time when the shards of loneliness had cut so deep.

She swallowed hard, walking to his large bed. Or was it theirs? a thought reminded her sharply. She had spent enough of her nights there, laying in Reno's arms, clinging to him and waiting for her blood to cool. Slowly, as if in a dream, she sat on the large bed, her eyes alert and yet unfocused. She couldn't help but lay down, letting the soft comforter mold around her as she shut her eyes and breathed in his scent, suddenly not caring if she appeared as a lovesick schoolgirl.

Oh, if only love existed enough to sicken her! Pain was a dagger through her heart as she embraced a pillow, curling her body around it in a fetal postition, warding off agony.

Against her will, a recent memory rose to her brain.

Dammit Reno, maybe it bothers me because I love you!

Yuffie didn't remember the reason for the actual arguement, most likely something mundane. However, she never would forget the look of shock on Reno's face, the confusion, the disbelief, and most disturbing of all, the raw anger. Without a word he had spun on her and left.

She hadn't said a word to him since.

Nearly a week, and even as co-workers they had managed to completely avoid each other. Once again, claws borne of hatred tore at her veins. Why couldn't he love her? Was she too young? Too annoying? Too talkative, too smart, too dumb, too emotional, too overreactive...too loving...

Or was it something she was not? Yuffie hugged the pillow tighter. It smelled like Reno, and having it in her arms somehow made it easier for her to pretend he might love her.

Was she not cute enough? Not funny enough, not nice enough? Maybe Reno had never had any intention of loving her, she was merely a toy, and she was no longer enough of a sexy little vixen for him to keep around.

She swallowed again and blinked, letting a few heavy tears course down her cheeks. Damn him. Goddamn him and and his gorgeous blue eyes and his little lame lines he used on her and his cocky little smile and his kisses and his touch....

"Yuffie?" A voice drifted into the room and through her thoughts. She didn't move, knowing it was Reno. She also knew he truly didn't want to talk to her, or even look at her, but that he was going to pretend he did because she happened to be here. Yuffie let out a small, choked sob.

"Yuffie, what're you doing here-" he stopped as he heard the sob. "Aw, shit, I don't care why..." He trailed off, laying on the bed behind her and spooning himself around her body. "Yuffie, don't cry, why are you crying, why are you always crying..."

"Don't touch me," she spat, her teeth clenched fiercely. She struggled in his grasp, but his arms were locked around her, and he didn't appear to want to let go.

Her words hurt, but Reno had a much tougher skin than to lose it at that. His lips gently brushed her ear. "But I wanna touch you..."

She recoiled at his soft kiss. "No." Her voice was a stone structure on a tinder foundation. She wanted to be angry at him so badly, he had hurt her too often, but it felt so good to be back in his arms.

Reno pulled her closer still, his lips remaining against her ear. "Why not?" he asked, breathing in her scent.

Yuffie shut her eyes tightly, gulping air between growing sobs. "Because...because you're an insensitive son-of-a-bitch who will never be capable of love."

"That's a lie..." Reno insisted softly. He spoke in a tone one might use with a small child, but his voice held a seductive caress. "I love you."

"No you don't!" It was a futile, whining protest, made as Reno gently brushed her hair back, kissing her face, her neck, nibbling gently at her sweet skin.

His lips returned to her ear. "Yes I do, I just had to go and...think about it for awhile. But I do." One of his hands slipped under her shirt and began gently stroking her stomach. Yuffie sucked in a breath as his fingers traced patterns on her bare skin, softly tickling higher and higher. "I love you. I love how you deny stupidly obvious truths, and how you're an annoying little brat who bitches uncontrollably when she doesn't get her way." He punctuated this by poking her side, causing her to jump back against him. Unwillingly, a small smile cracked the corners of her mouth. He began playing on her skin again, his hands moving agonizingly slow.

"I love how when I kiss you by surprise you try and pretend you want to get away." His voice was a low, growling murmur. "I love how your pulse races when I press my lips against it..." He kissed her neck, flicking his tongue over the small beat. Yuffie's head rolled back onto Reno, letting him taste her gently.

His lips and tongue played on her neck for a heavenly moment before he spoke again. "I love everything about you, and god, I can't even tell how much I love the way you tremble when I'm inside you, the way your nails press into me, the way you act as if I'm your goddamn anchor, and how you trust me and let yourself be lost completely to me..."

Reno trailed off, turning Yuffie in his arms and kissing her. Their lips met with mere longing at first, a need manifested from being apart. The simple need quickly melted in the passion that grew between them as Reno shifted his hands, breaking the kiss only long enough to ease Yuffie's shirt over her head.

They stripped each other, kissing, murmuring to each other, and realizing that despite their fierce battles, there was nothing in heaven or hell that could keep them apart for long. Reno kissed Yuffie, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, tasting her, and she did in turn, sure that she had never felt such elation, or such passion.

Reno rolled, propping himself over Yuffie. He looked down at her bare body beneath his own, realizing she was, in fact, perfect. "Goddamnit Yuffie, I can't stand being away from you," he breathed, looking into her eyes.

She brought their lips together, whispering softly as she wrapped her legs around his hips. "Then don't be, ever again."