Lyrical Fantasies

Oof...@_@'s a wonder I stumble across this place. Tee hee...okay okay. Let me fill you in on this page. This page contains lyrics of different artists of people you may never hear of or just anime lyrics. These lyrics that I, or Angel, will pick is supposed to relate to any Final Fantasy character or any character in our shrines...well at least as close as it can get...and we'll have an explanation for why we chose it...get it? Good.

I Want To Be Your Man by KAI
Why: Erm...title pretty much explains it all. But I think this is like in Cloud's p.o.v....I mean, can't you tell...? And I guess I chose this one to be you-know-who's p.o.v. because of the teensy weensy lil hardships in his relationship with Tifa...well yeah...Aerith kinda interrupted...not to insult people who like her or anything but I really thing that if nothing came between them...erm...Tifa and get the picture...