Love and Friendship
Chapter 1

"Ah...a free day! I wanna do something fun!"

"Like what, Selphie? Play with pink bunny rabbits?"

Selphie whined. "Oh enough of the teasing already! Pink bunny rabbits are cute! But not as cute as-I mean, I just like pink bunny rabbits." Selphie flushed in embarrassment.

"Hehe...Selphie's got a crush!"

"That's none of your business Zell Dincht! I have personal secrets of my own! Just because I act childish doesn't mean I could think like a real lady!"

He rolled his eyes. "Please, you couldn't act like a lady even if you tried!"

She pushed him away playfully. "Maybe if you weren't so mean you'd have a girlfriend by now!"

"Who says I can't get a girlfriend now?" Zell said, astonished.

She grinned. "Me."

"Fine! I'll bet you I'll get a girlfriend by the end of the day!"

Selphie thought about it for a moment. Maybe the loser could pay up ten whole gil....or maybe more. She figured it was a bit too mean for Zell so she skipped the idea.

"Deal!" She agreed.

That afternoon Zell strolled around Garden to find the "perfect" girl. There was a certain girl he had his eye on for quite some time but he wasn't sure whether she was taken or not. She had long braids that fell over her shoulders and she worked in the library. Smart, funny, but was really-what was the word? Stiff. She had no feeling. She'd talk to Zell every once in awhile and he knew she had a crush on him but she wasn't always happy. He grumbled.

"I'm never going to find anyone at this rate!"

"So buddy! How are ya doin? Gettin a girl yet?" Selphie asked as a sly grin creeped onto her lips.

He stared at her. "Are you just plain stupid or is it just me? I'm doing fine!"

"Well gee...compared to myself you're just a blustering idiot." She countered while smiling. "And you're not doing fine. You have a few hours left."

"I know, I know! I'm onto it."

"Sure you are. Maybe you should go to the cafeteria and get a hot dog huh?" Selphie said.

Suddenly, Zell grabbed her around the waist, flung her on his shoulder, and started running around Garden. She kicked and screamed for Zell to stop but he just grinned and kept running.

"Zell!! Put me down this instant!!"

"What are you? The sorceress?"

"No I'm not but I want down!" yelled Selphie.

"You want down? Okay, I'll give you down." Zell smiled.

"Oh no you don't! Don't you dare drop me! That is out of the question so don't you even-oof!"

Zell dropped her before she could finish her last sentence. Selphie glared at him and jumped up, brushing herself off. She crossed her arms across her chest and looked at him.

"What? You said you wanted down!" Zell said.

"I didn't mean for you to drop me!"

"Well excuse me for misunderstanding!"

"Shut up you wretched jerk!" With that she stomped off.

Zell watched her as she disappeared into a different room. He hit his head. Bad mistake. He never really wanted to hurt her emotionally and physically. He began to walk around.

"Stupid stupid stupid! What was I thinking? And why do I care? She's just a brat and has her annoying ways. There's nothing fun about...her." He sighed. He did care. She was just as smart and sweet as the next girl. And what's more--he loved her. He jammed his hands in his pockets and walked sulkily.

Author's Notes: Alrighty sucks I know...first try at a ff8 fanfic. I'm not used to writing one because first of all, I'm not inspired by it and two, I suck at writing ff8. I think I have a better time writing about ff7. Now, don't ask me why Zell carried Selphie around Garden because I'm blank about that...I just felt like adding that...@_@