I Want To Be Your Man

It's a quarter past 3:00,
And baby you're still not here,
We've got a lot of things to talk about,
We've got to make everything real clear,
(Because girl I'm so confused),
baby what are we to do?
Let's take some time to collect our thoughts,
Because we both deserve the truth...

(Was this all my fault?)
Or is the blame on you?
(Where did it all go wrong?)
Baby please tell me what to do...
(We thought our love would never end)
How did we let us get this way,
(Can't we just love again?)
I never thought that I would see this day...

Baby let's help us out,
Try to erase the doubts,
Hand in hand, let's try and understand...
Or it may just might be too late,
To make things right,
I got to know where our love stands...
If only I could hear you say,
That you would change your ways,
Please show me, girl, but if you can't...
Then I'll just forget about yesterday,
But God knows I want to be your man...

Now that you're here,
Now that we're together face to face,
If you think I want to start a fight,
Now baby that's just not the case,
(It might help if I knew),
Your thoughts, your point of view,
We took for granted what we cherished most,
The three words that meant so much to me and you...