Hanabishi Recca and Sakoshita Yanagi

Ever seen Rekka no Honou (Flame of Recca) before? Well if you have, you'd know the couples fairly well. Right now, I think that these two are the first that I've never had problems with! ^_^ Lots of people have agreed with this with no complaints at all...er...except if they despise Yanagi or Recca...then there's a problem, but other than that they're cute together, no?

What I'm actually flustered about is why people could hate her...okay, so I kinda get an idea: They don't like her because she's useless to the Hokage Team...psh...yeah right! She heals them when they're badly injured and that's a good thing.

Now for Recca...tee hee...he's just so adorable!!! Oh! Yanagi kisses Recca in the manga! ^_^ It's just so cute! Anyway, Yanagi is his hime (princess) so too bad I can't have him...*sniffle* but that's not the point! I don't know...have you ever wondered what it would be like if Fuuko was his hime? -_-;; She'll take over him, I know it...and that's when hell takes over. Recca needs Yanagi and that's that! There's really no reason to why I chose them as a couple...it's just normal. No one I know (so far) has argued about this couple before and that's because Fuuko is taken by Raiha...hee hee...or Tokiya! @_@ But oh well...that's enough of my ramble that didn't even go under this category but who cares? It was for a good cause!