[the entrance to chibi-chan's realm XD]

Hi! Chibi-chan here! Since this is a new page (big surprise) and I've just started it...

Schu: Understatement.

Chibi-chan: G'way! Anyway - as I was saying! - I'll probably be getting stuff up soon-ish. ^^;

Schu: Plus, her HTML skills are nonexistant which means she should have used a easier way of designing webpages, eh?

Chibi-chan: Sh- shut up! >_< Now... just a lil' note...

This page is going to contain yaoi. Yaoi as in SLASH. Mostly my own works, maybe I'll get around to asking people for theirs... ^^

Schu: As if. Lazy cat.

Chibi-chan: Meow! ^~ So... If anybody wants to complain to me... *ahem*... I'll have a warning page up. And a disclaimer page. ^_^

Schu: When she finds time to drag herself away from the computer and fanfictions...

Chibi-chan: ^^ Ja~