AngelZephyr's Diary


Hiya! Hehehe...oh guess what! I went to Reno! Yay!!! Ugh...but I had to wake up early, and I mean EARLY, in the morning. I had to wake up at 3:00 am and we didn't even leave till around 4:00!!! If I could do anything, I'd rip my stuffed bear apart! But they're so cute and cuddly that I don't wanna! Anywayzie, we left and I was sitting in the very back seat. No I don't mean the seats behind the two front seats. I mean the VERY VERY back seats...we have er...8 seats in my dad's car. Well you see, I was sitting with my sisters because my aunt and my stepmom were in the backseat (I was sitting in the back back seat, mind you). And my uncle was in the front passenger seat and my dad was driving. So yes, I was cramped. And I mean CRAMPED!!! From my dad's house, it takes 4 hours to get to Reno so I was turning round and round [not literally] to get comfortable. It was a drag and even cuz I had my sister lie down on me so she could get to sleep. I wouldn't blame her cuz it was too early in the morning. But anyway, along the drive my rear started to hurt!!! *sniffle* Yup...I can't stay in a place for too long.

Well finally, we got there! *wheeze* It took a lot of courage to keep quiet while I was hurt! Hmph! My god! It was cold! No, no. It was freezing! Brrrr! Then we went to eat breakfast (Yummy!) and I had-wanna guess? Oh forget it. I had pancakes!!! Numminess! And some orange juice. Ah! And my baby sister was soooo cute! She is cute! Maybe I'll put up a! Okay, so here we are, after breakfast, waiting for the games and stuff to be opened. I'm talking about Circus Circus here! Kiddie gambling! Whoo hoo! Man! Make you spend your money! *grumbles* And yes, I DID win something....*grumbles even more* I won a Casino cup! GRRRR!! I wanted a stuffy animal!! Oh well. The arcade games were mostly the stuff I spent my money on! Hey! You guys should play Virtual On! Pretty neat! And then those racing games! Whoo!!! Gets you goosebumps trying to get in front of another player! ^-^ we stopped and I had to take care of my baby sis while my dad went gambling. [If ya ask me it's pretty stupid cuz he doesn't have anymore money when he comes back! Shhh!! Don't tell him! ^.^] Oh right, then we went to play in the snow!!! It was tons of My uncle threw this snowball at my head and it hurt!!! I bet it was an iceball instead of those soft snowballs...really it did hurt! I wanted to cry buuut I'm a big girl so I'm not supposed to cry unless my lil sis throws a hard cover book at my face again! *grumbles and smacks her lights out* Just kidding! ^^ And then we came home, ate dinner, washed dishes, took a that's really not in chronological order but oh well. Then I'm here, writing to you about my weird and how well it went! o.o And I gotta go now! I'll write again....mush! Booyaka! Hehehe. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!'


Wanna know how my day went?? It went...well it went horrible! Not only was I very VERY mad but I was also bored outta my mind! There was nothing to do!! *sniffle* And there's this one friend of mine who won't even come online anymore...or I think he doesn't. Probably because I'm on when he's not and he's on and I'm @_@ I confuzzled myself...don't mind me. Oh yeah! And I also signed a guestbook! I know...that's really something that's not so exciting to hear but he's a person I I don't -_-;; And you know, I'm still waiting for a response from Jason, er...I think that's his name....telling *ME* how to make a banner. Do you know how? Erm...maybe so..I'd be sooo happy if you'd help...but I'm not forcing anything. Plus, I have 4 days worth of algebra work...wanna know why? My teacher lets us turn our homework a day late...but I have block we turn it in the next time we see if it was Tuesday..I turn it in on get it? That's why I have 4 days worth of homework...but anyway, enough of that! I watched The Grinch yesterday! It was funny and sad! Dude, it made me cry! Watch it! Yup..anywayz, I'm sleepy now. ^^;; Talk to ya later.