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August 7, 2000

Yay! Another update! It's not big, but it's still an update. :)

Anyway, I was looking at the Aaron clubs at Yahoo!, and apparently, Aaron has a girlfriend. Her name's Rachel. Lucky girl...

Okay, my parents just ordered cable yesterday. So hopefully, when it finally gets installed, Daydream Believers will still be rerunning and I can snap stuff. :)

Last but not least, I have a new obsession. I know it's not Aaron-related but I'll get it off my chest anyway. I am not obsessed with both Aaron and James Marsden. :)

August 1, 2000

Okay, here I am again with yet another update. This time I added my whole collection of Aaron pics. I know it's not that much, but I'm working on it! :)

I just sent the letter I wrote to Aaron today, even though I wrote it last week. Hopefully he'll read it and write back soon. Now I'm just waiting for that to happen....

As for the Ecrush Celebrity Crush list, Aaron slipped one slot and is now 20th. :( Vote people! :)

Right now, I'm waiting for my birthday so I can beg my parents to buy a snappy for me. :) If I get a snappy, I will try to snap pics of Aaron on Sister Sister. :)

If anyone has fics about Newsies, Mighty Ducks, Daydream Believers, or just Aaron-related, feel free to send them to me! I am planning on doing a fanfic archives here. :)

July 25, 2000

Hiya! This is ALGirlie21. You can call me Lav, if you want. :) Or.. maybe ALG. :) Either. Hehe. Anyway, this is a brand new Aaron appreciation site on the net. Its name is Aaron-Lohr.Net. Why? Well, I was going to make AaronLohr.Com, or Aaron-Lohr.Com, or AaronLohr.Net, but all of those are TAKEN on NameZero.Com! Surprised, huh? Well, me too. :( So I took this! :) Just keep in mind that this site is brand-new! I just made it on July 20, 2000! There will be much more stuff to come! Just watch. I promise! :)

Now, I just joined 3 AL clubs on Yahoo! Recently, in one of them, I heard that Aaron was nominated for the "Ecrush Celebrity Crush" list! Vote for Aaron at Ecrush.Com. Just click on the link and go to "Celebrity Crush" to vote! :) Aaron is currently in the 19th slot! Keep the voting up!

Aaron recently appeared on VH1's "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story" as Micky Dolenz, the drummer. You can still catch it on VH1 this Saturday. Check ClickTV.Com for your local listing. Another Aaron TV appearance: he is (as far as I know) going to appear on a rerun of Sister, Sister on Monday, August 7th. Well, for Sacramento, California, at least. Again, check your local listing at ClickTV.Com.

I am going to (finally) write to Aaron sometimes this week. I've always wanted to do that but was always too busy. (Actually, to tell you the truth, I just recently got addicted to Aaron. "Recently" as in, well, maybe the first week of July. So I never really have the chance to write, since I have summer school...). Hopefully, he'll have time to write back and maybe we can get more news of him from himself! :)

Well, that's it for now. Remember to come back here often to see the updates! :)