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How can I list a horse with Matchmaker Equine?

Itís easy, just send us , by email, or snailmail,
a picture,(high quality) of your horse, and a video,
which we will keep on file, and gladly return to you once
the horse is sold. Please write a detailed description
of the horse, as well as the asking price, include pedigree,
show record, guarantee of soundness, anything you feel is pertinent.

How does it work?

We charge a 15% commission, negotiable in horses priced
over 20,000 USD, to list your horse, and
take care of interested buyers. There is no charge to you. We will change your asking price
to reflect the commission, or if you prefer,
it can come out of your original price.
If you prefer, we can also take your horseís information,
and inform potential interested clients about him,
but not list him on our site. The commission
for this service is 10%.

What do you do?

We list the horse, send copies of videos to interested buyers,
arrange for viewings, arrange the vet checks
with non partisan vets, and help arrange the shipping.
We use only reputable shippers with large, comfortable
air-ride trucks to transport the horse to its new destination.
We also arrange the paper work for horses
crossing the border to USA, and vice-versa.

How does importation work?

Your new horse will need his health certificate and coggins
test done within the last months. This will be taken
care of at the time of the prepurchase vet
check exam. The shippers are familiar with
the procedures at the borders, and will
include the broker fees in the quoted price.
If you choose to pick up your new horse yourself,
we will help you with the paperwork.

What about transport to the new location?

No problem, we can help to organize shipping.

Why shop for horses from Canada?

Americans can take advantage of the strong US dollar
to buy horses from Canada. Did you know that
20,000$ can is only $14,790 USD at time of printing?
Check our prices, you will see
they are very reasonable.

What is the German Connection?

We have a partner in Germany, Kareen,
who helps us find quality horses, which we can offer
for sale at reasonable prices. Her webpage is
German Horse Connection,
and she has some sales horses listed on it,
as well, we have some listed right here!
We have descriptions, pictures, and videos
of the horses we list, and will gladly
organize prepurchase, transport, and all paperwork
pertaining to the sale of a German horse.
Or if you prefer, we will meet you in Germany,
and show you our horses first hand.
Kareen is also able to help you find a horse
if we donít have what you are looking for.
She can be contacted through her website.