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About Us

We are located in Quebec, about 45 minutes from the Ontario border.
We have been involved in the horse industry for almost 30 years, both in Canada
and the United States.

Ingrid, originally from Nova Scotia, is a certified Tteam practitioner,
has campaigned her horses frequently over the last decade,
and has coached with Canadian Show Jumping Team members here in Quebec.
She is also a member of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and meets many horsey
contacts as the orchestra tours around the world, and in North America.

Kareen is our connection in Germany. She is a breeder of Hannoverians, as
well as graduating as a veterinarian from Hannover Vet School. We are very pleased to be
working with her to find suitable horses for our North American clients. A
stallion of her breeding was licensed for
Hannover in 2000, named DON AQUI, bloodlines Don Bosco-Gardeulan II.
For pictures of this lovely colt see DON AQUI.
Another stallion bred by her family was licensed for Oldenburg in 2000.

The idea behind Matchmaker Equine Services is to offer an opportunity
for clients to find the best horse for them. We ask potential clients
to fully describe what they are seeking, and what their level of
riding is, their confidence level, age, height, preferences in a horse,
etc, and then do our very best to match the right horse with the right rider.
We only offer horses that are in our opinion, what the client has asked for,
and do our utmost to ensure that both rider as well as horse will be a good match.
When clients ask us to sell their horses for them, we try to ensure
that that the seller is comfortable with the buyer, and are in constant contact
with both parties to help the process go smoothly.

We also are affiliated with contacts in Germany, which allows us to offer quality
German horses at reasonable prices. The horses are seen
and ridden by us to assess their true suitability, so we can
present them to you honestly and fairly. For more information on the
German connection, see the FAQs. Click here for Pictures of us!