The Family

Ozzy Osbourne

Birth Name: John Michael Osbourne
Born: December 3, 1948
Ozzy bit the heads off of a bat and a dove.
Ozzy once peed on the Alamo.
Ozzy tried to kill Sharon once. He was so drunk that he tried to choke her. He woke 
up the next day in jail, not knowing what happened.
His favorite band of all time is still The Beatles.
At heart, Ozzy is just a regular husband and dad who loves hanging with his kids, smooching his wife and chilling on the couch (usually in his underwear and drinking a Diet Coke) as he watches The History Channel. Apparently the big-hearted rocker has a lot of love to go around- he told MTV he even admires a certain boy band: “To be honest with you, I think the Backstreet Boys are doing a pretty good job.” Although Jack doesn’t agree with Ozzy’s admiration for the Backstreet Boys, he is the first to vouch for Ozzy’s sweet behavior. “He’s a whole different man onstage, and when he comes home he’s very, very different. His favorite things to do at home are ride his bike and play with the dogs. He likes to smoke a cigar and relax. He loves swimming too. He’s a very kind and gentle dad and I love him very much.”
Sharon Osbourne

As the “fairy tale” goes, the first time Sharon Arden met rocker Ozzy Osbourne- in her father’s office where she worked as a receptionist- she was so spooked by the imposing metal head that she begged another girl in the office to serve his tea so that she wouldn’t have to. It wasn’t long before Sharon’s fears turned to admiration and the two began dating. Seeing the value in the rocker even after Black Sabbath fired him, Sharon paid her father $1.5 million to take over as Ozzy’s manager, though in reality, the gutsy move cost her more than that: She and her father have been estranged ever since. Sharon is largely credited with catapulting Ozzy’s solo career and, with mastermind events like Ozzfest, for maintaining his fanatical fan following. She’s one heck of a buisnesswoman, and even Ozzy- known as the hardest working man in metal- has remarked that Sharon works harder than anyone, telling MTV’s Kurt Loder she’s “an absolute, complete, lunatic workaholic.” Sharon’s no-holds-barred managerial tactics haven’t only helped Ozzy. She’s bolstered the careers of other artists- though it’s not likely that job will ever make it on her list of career highs. Shortly after resigning from the position in January 2000, Sharon released a statement explaining she had left The Smashing Pumpkins for medical reasons: “Billy Corgan was making me sick.”

Kelly Osbourne

Born: October 27, 1984
Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: London
Favorite Black Sabbath Song: Paranoid
Must-see show:Baywatch. “It’s funny, it’s stupid and cheesy.”
Bands she’s into: The White Stripes, The Hives, and The Strokes.
Kelly’s celebrity crushes are Andrew W.K. and the lead singer of The Vines
Kelly’s most annoying habit is sucking her thumb.
Kelly’s parents and family friends call her “Totsie.”
Kelly once got suspended from school for telling kids about sex.
Kelly was once a cheerleader…for two days because she couldn’t stand them
So who is Kelly Osbourne? A better question might be: Who isn’t she? Fact is, the razor-tongued teen is anything but average, and that goes way deeper than the shock of her ever-changing hues upon her head. From daddy’s little girl to Jack’s evil nemesis, Kelly can switch gears faster than Lola can drop an “alien” and flee the scene. Flying solo is certainly a challenge Kelly can handle. Besides being featured on the cover of magazines like Rolling Stone, Interview and Entertainment Weekly with other family members, Kelly recently has proved she’s got what it takes to carry a magazine alone: She landed the August 2002 anniversary issue of Cosmo Girl- a favorite magazine she reads every month. Kelly also hates math: “I f***ing hate it. I cannot do it,” she says. “I mean, unless you’re going to be a construction worker or accountant, why the f**k do I need to know trig or anything like that?” But, like any teenager, she loves hanging out with her friends. “Our favorite thing to do is go to the clubs and put sunglasses on and just watch all of the celebrities because they really are the most ridiculous people.
Jack Osbourne

Born: November 8, 1985
Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: London
Favorite Black Sabbath Song: Symptom of the Universe
Sharon’s nickname for Jack is “Jackie Boy.”
Jack’s celebrity crushes are Mandy Moore and Natalie Portman.
When the show is over, Jack wants to continue working in the music buisness
Jack had A.D.D. and dyslexia.
We may know him as the helmet-wearing, temper-tantrum-tossing, nanny-teasing son of the Osbournes, but for all his goofy antics, Jack Osbourne- known as Jack Sabbath to his friends because of his passion for Black Sabbath- is also a talented drummer and music scout who has aided in the successes of several popular bands. Obviously, it would be easy to assume Jack’s had a cakewalk life. Not so. Jack was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and dyslexia as a child, and once attended a school for A.D.D. students. Jack is home-schooled now, but is life any easier? Well, don’t forget he spent five months under the constant scrutiny of MTV cameras, and now the whole country recognizes him. Of course, the fame the show has brought isn’t all bad. According to Kelly, Jack’s got older women, strippers, and all sorts of girls pawing at him when the pair hit the clubs. Just a few years ago, on a visit to “The Howard Stern Show” with his dad, Jack, then 14, said he didn’t get many chicks at that point in his life because he only had 52 kids in his class and they all found him to be “weird.” Despite all the changes fame has brought, Jack maintains he is as much like most teen guys his age. He loathes the Backstreet Boys, loves metal, and still gets embarassed by his parents: “My mom has a tendancy of flashing.”
Aimee Osbourne

Born: September 2, 1983
Aimee appeared in the last episode of season 1 with her face blurred out.
Who is this great, unseen Osbourne? And why doesn’t she want to join in the fun? According to her mom, Aimee is trying to get her own music career off the ground, and she doesn’t want to make it merely because she’s an Osbourne. Although sister Kelly conceded that she might be hard to do with their notorious last name, she told “Entertainment Tonight” she’s certain her sister will make it. “She had a great voice and I think whatever she does, she’ll be successful.”
Robert Marcato

He's hot!
There’s a new member joining the clan this year, and no, it’s not another dog. His name is Robert Marcato, a friend of Kelly’s who made a brief appearance on the show last season. “I’ve known Kelly for six years,” says Robert. “I don’t get along with girls all that much, but Kelly is different.” This summer Robert moved into the Osbournes’ guest house after his mother, Reagan, 36, died of colon cancer on July 30. “Rob’s mom brought him up so well. We love him like he’s our own,” Sharon explains. So much so that the Osbourne family unoficially adopted him. “They’ve done everything for me,” says Robert. “[They] gave me a home, a vehicle, a job as an assistant for Sharon’s manager.” He also says he’s prepared to be a part of a hit television show, which is a good thing, since he wants to be an actor.
Melinda The Nanny

With or without formal recognition, the Melbourne, Australia native seems to be taking her duties in stride and has nothing but good things to say about the situation other than it’s busy and hectic. She says she usually arrives at 9 a.m. and tries to leave by 6 p.m., but often she can’t get away until 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. When Sharon and Ozzy have to be out of town for n event or tour, Melinda often stays over on the weekends. As the popularity of “The Osbournes” sky-rockets, Melinda is finding herself in the spotlight’s glare as well. So far, she says, it’s taking some getting used to.