Kelly Osbourne Concert Review

Is the Kelly Osbourne concert worth your 26 bucks or so? Definitely. The night of the concert was by far one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a while. You would never guess who we saw and what we experienced!

First of all, we arrived about an hour and a half before the show started at 7:30. I went with my friends Sarah and Kimmy. We all thought it would be fun if we spray our hair with a little pink. We weren’t the only ones with pink hair! As more and more people came, a lot of wacky outfits. Like, one girl had on a Kelly Osbourne wig from the Halloween costume! We met some really nice people in line.

While we were waiting for what seemed like hours, I heard some people start clapping and wooing. I thought Kelly came out or something. Then, my friend Kimmy tapped me and said “It’s Jason Dill!” I looked to my right, and over the barricade JASON DILL walked by the line of fans waiting to get inside and waved to everyone. Everyone was cheering him on and clapping.

Cameras weren’t allowed, as in any venue. But who doesn’t smuggle in a camera? Well, we did *shhhh!* Yes, we’re so bad (wink, wink). Anyways, once we got inside the venue about an hour after (which seems like forever when you’re standing) we went straight to the merchandise table. Guess who was working at the merchandise table? Remember KELLY'S FRIEND SARAH? The girl who was going to be her drummer? Or the girl who did the striptease in Vegas on Kelly’s birthday? Yeah, well she was there and she helped me pick just the right size for my Kelly T-shirt. She was so cool. We got her autograph.

The place filled up really quickly and we waited near the back for the show to start. I looked behind me and saw Jason Dill walking around the venue. My friend Sarah ran towards him to ask him for a picture, but he said that he had to go since he was walking really fast. He didn’t seem like he knew where he was going, and he turned around and bumped right into my friend Sarah.

The show started a little after 7:30 and we knew there was an opening act. The curtains opened and the crowd went nuts. Then, Jason Dill took the stage and walked up the microphone with a beer and his hand. The crowd started cheering for him really loud. Then he said into the mic, “if you don’t be quiet, you won’t hear what I have to say.” Then everyone was quiet. He introduced the opening act…Har Mar Superstar.

Oh…my…whoa. All of a sudden this middle-aged, hairy sweaty guy took the stage in a red silk robe that said Har Mar in the back took the stage. “Are you ready to rock this f**king house” were the first words out of his mouth. We all looked at each other like are you kidding? He did a few cover songs. He was kind of like a Weird Al meets Tom Green kind of act where he sang a few weird songs like “I like your clothes” and I forget the other songs names. One by one, he took off his robe and stripped down to a pair of red briefs throughout the time he played. It was obvious no one wanted to see it. He seemed a little…drunk? He kept calling everybody “f**king retards” and saying stuff like “I have the mic, not you!” and “I’ll make more money then you’ll ever make in a lifetime!” People started cheering “Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!” and Har Mar wasn’t too happy. He did about a painful half an hour set. It wasn’t horrible, just…weird. So, if you want to take about a half an hour bathroom break or if you want to arrive late, it wouldn’t hurt.

When he finally ended, the curtains closed and we went into the crowd to find a spot up close until it was Kelly’s time to play. We stood in the crowd for a while, when all of a sudden people turned around and started pointing and screaming at something from upstairs. I turned around and saw, yes, OZZY OSBOURNE waving to people from the upstairs balcony. Immediately we ran and pushed through the crowd and ran as fast as we could upstairs to see him up close! Obviously, his section was blocked off, but we saw him literally feet away from us. There was a group of girls where the security guard was blocking his section off. I pushed my way to get a closer look and then I see SHARON OSBOURNE right next to Ozzy! I started screaming “SHARON! OZZY!” and they waved at us a few times. I was so psyched! All of a sudden, I see JACK OSBOURNE pop out of nowhere and sit right next to Ozzy. His hair is a lot longer now, it looks like a big curly afro. I was so excited!

We walked back downstairs, but halfway down, we saw a curtain right next to the stage. I peeked through them and saw the band setting up for the show, but no Kelly. I told Sarah and Kimmy to look and Sarah popped her head in and asked, “where’s Kelly?” One of the band members was on his cell phone looking at us and he said, “you’re gonna get kicked out if you keep doing that.” Oops. We headed back downstairs to find a good spot up close and about fifteen minutes later, the curtains opened and Kelly was on stage.

She opened the show with the first song off her album “Disconnected.” I turned around and saw Ozzy jumping up and down and clapping to the song. Once she started playing, people started pushing and I squeezed my way closer and closer to the stage. Too bad I always ended up behind really tall people. Kelly was wearing a pink tank top and had her hair in a small blonde mohawk. Now, I know it sounds bad, but it looked really good on her. She totally rocked. I felt kind of stupid because I seemed like the only one who knew any of the words to her songs and people kept staring at me.

Kelly sounds a lot better live. She sang most of the songs off her new album. She sang one or two that I didn’t hear off her album, but maybe it was just me. Once “Shut up” came on, the crowd went nuts. People started pushing to the front of the stage and I got a few elbows in my back and people’s hair in my mouth. But hey, it was all worth it. Everyone knew the words to “shut up” and Kelly held the mic out a few times to let the audience sing. Near the end of the song, I saw Kelly yelling at someone in the front row. I thought someone was drunk and started grabbing her, but it turns out she was separating two people who were fighting in the front row. After everything was all good, she returned to the mic and finished rocking out to the song. Right after the song, she said “why do you guys have to fight?” and the crowd started cheering.

In the middle of one of her songs, someone threw a bra onstage. Kelly picked it up while she was singing, looked at it weird, and put it on top of some guys head. The most touching moment was when she sang “more than life itself” dedicated to Sharon. People put lighters and the air and everyone swung their hands in the air. The light shone on Sharon behind us in the balcony, and everyone started screaming.

The show itself wasn’t too long. It lasted for a little over an hour. She ended the show with, what else, but “Papa Don’t Preach”. She chose a few kids to come up on stage and dance with her. In the middle of the song, I see ROBERT come out on stage and dances with Kelly. Kimmy and I screamed at the top of our lungs because we both think Rob is hot. He looks a lot better in person! All of a sudden, Har Mar Superstar comes out on the stage and starts to dance with Kelly too. It was really funny. Kelly threw out a few of her water bottles. The guitarist threw out a few pink and black guitar picks that said Shut Up on the front and Kelly Osbourne on the back. The drummer threw her drumsticks in the audience and Kimmy almost caught it, but some girl grabbed it from her! The song ended and Kelly said bye and walked off the stage. The curtains closed and it ended.

The place cleared out pretty quickly. We were looking all over the floor and Sarah found a guitar pick. All of a sudden, Sarah’s dad comes up to us and says, “You guys better get in that line if you want to have Kelly Osbourne sign a copy of her CD! Only the first one hundred people!” So of course, we ran up to the table near the back of the venue and paid $15 for a copy of her CD and a red wristband which would GET US UPSTAIRS TO HAVE HER SIGN THE CD! The guy told gave us the CD and the wristband and told us to get in line near the stairs.

I couldn’t believe it. Kelly Osbourne was going to sign my CD! There was a long line of people waiting for the signing. We waited for about twenty minutes until the guards let ten people at a time go upstairs for Kelly to do the signing. Sarah’s dad took all of the posters off the wall as a souvenir. We finally got upstairs.

I was so excited as I got closer and closer to the table where she was signing. When it was my turn, I slid the CD booklet in front of her and she signed it for me. She looked really tired and she was really quiet. I was so in shock, I regret that all I said to her was “thank you.” I turned around and walked outside. Sarah gave her a hug! I was so jealous, but I was too shy anyways.

Well, the night ended in the parking lot and we saw the BASS GUITARIST signing autographs and taking pictures. He was really nice. He signed the posters and we got a picture with him. We saw a little boy right near him and Sarah asked, “is that your son?” He was like, “yeah, that’s (I forgot his name), and that’s my wife.” He pointed to a lady standing off to the side. She said hi and she smiled at us. She was really nice too. Sarah said, “I like your mohawk.” He said, “thanks, I got it today.”

That was the end of our night. Would I see it again? Yes. Would I pay more to see her? Yes. Was it worth it? Without a doubt. I couldn’t believe the people I saw, that I got Kelly’s autograph, and that I went to her concert. Don’t skip the opportunity to go to her concert because it is obviously well worth it.