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This weeks's episode: 02/24/04

Season 3: Episode 5- The Accidental Tourist
Ozzy informs Sharon that before William Penn, America was known as “Indian Land” or something. Jack hits the courts for some exercise and looks good doing it. Kelly and Ozzy are jetting off to England for a Top of the Pops father-daughter duet. 32 years ago, Ozzy hit the stage solo and now he’s back with Kelly for another round. This would be a very sweet father-daughter bonding moment if not for the presence of Kelly’s new boyfriend mudding the situation. Ozzy likes everything about Rob except for the giant skull tattoo adorning his bald head. Ozzy's returning to England for a live show. Ozzy’s been having nightmares and is worried about his voice leaving him on stage. He tells Kelly he might not be able to go to England and she immediately whines that she can’t do it without him. In addition to his stage fright, Ozzy has developed a fear of the cold in England. In explaining the cold to Kelly’s boyfriend, Ozzy gravely informs him that “Eskimos die there.” Flash to England: with the presence of several dogs in the house, the countryside estate seems eerily similar to L.A. Ozzy, Kelly, and Rob (the boyfriend) have all arrived safely and are now ready to do what they do best, fight. They argue about Sean Paul, throwing food, a kid’s toy, and in some situations, it’s hard to tell why they are fighting. The clashes culminate with Rob getting the boot and hopping an early plane back to L.A. But all hostilities melt away when Kelly and Ozzy sing together for the British TV audience. With his time in England almost up, Ozzy decides to jump on his ATV and roll through the countryside (not something easily done in L.A.). The joyride takes a horrible turn when Ozzy’s ATV flips. A mystery man charges in and cares for a very injured Ozzy. We’re left hanging as the ambulance pulls into the driveway. To be continued...

I went to see Kelly's concert on April 10, 2003. Click to see a review of the concert. Now, we just didn't see the concert and leave. You'll never guess what else happened!

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