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Paths of Enlightenment

Okay. So after a few hundred years, you begin to feel your grip on your old ethics slipping. What are you going to do? Let the Beast take over and spend the rest of your (short) unlife splattering blood all over the place? If you think so, you have a bit of work to do if you think you're ready to start playing an elder (or anyone, for that matter...). The more practical option is to develop an alternate set of morals. Below is a list of the most common Paths of Enlightenment, as well as where they are most commonly found. (Just so you know, the Camarilla frowns on almost all of these paths. If you really must have a Cam path follower, try begging your storyteller for the Path of the Honorable Accord, Path of Power and the Inner Voice, or the Path of Harmony ( in the old books). Your Storyteller will probably only let you do this if you are an experienced player and you happen to be playing an elder.) Remember: no path follower is even remotely human in terms of ethics, if it was possible for them to keep human ethics, they probably would have.

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well, more specifically, the freezer...

The Paths of Enlightenment