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One More Time

it was a year ago early one summer day
you wanted to see me before I left for a few days
I thought that you would give me that long kiss good night
but to my surprise you intended to say goodbye
now Iím missing you and I

been around the world and back
and Iíve seen your face one million times
I just canít believe youíre out of my life
tell me what am I to do
give me one more day with you
baby, I just need you in my life one more time

now Iím so far away but you are near in my mind
I want you to be right by my side just one more time, stay with me girl
I look around and all I see is your sweet face
and Iím wondering if I can ever come back and take my place

youíre all I need in my life
oh girl, give our love one more try
baby canít you see
just what you do to me
please give me one more chance
Iíll show you love and romance

No Authority