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.:NAME:. Myrea Xiong
.:AGE:. 7-teen
.:Nat:.HmOnG (oF cOurSe!)
.:Height:. 5'1"
.:Status:.wOuLd it mAtTeR....=)

.:Something to think about:.
"In ur life u meet people
Some u never think about again
Some u wondered what happened to them
There are some u wonder if
they think about u
And then there are some u wish
u never had 2 think bout but u do..."


.:My PeRsOnAL QuOtE:.

.:LoVe iS HaRd sO pLaY iT rIgHt oR yOu WiLl bE tHe OnE cRyIng:.

........II bE cOnTiNuEd........