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Luk Mai Klai Ton

Starring: Andrew and Kob

I hadn't had the chance to see the beginning of this movie...I probably only saw part..hum...three? But I did get a chance to catch up on the story though...

In the beginning, which starts out the characters as young children, there is a maid, or a servant, who works for this rich man. One day that rich MARRIED man, got drunk and raped the maid. As I recall, the maid took off, knowing she was pregnant with the rich man's child, and I believe that rich man gave her a gold ring. And so she had her baby, which is the "nas ej" (herion) of the story, and saves the gold ring for the baby. Unfortunately, the ring was stolen by the son, or the brother (I think).
Skip, skip, skip. The mother dies, now the daughter wants to go and look for her Father. Her only reason for looking for her real father is to admit to her mother's soul that he did her wrong and so on. This is when she runs into "Andrew", the "phaj ej" of the story. Andrew is the son of her real father's business partner (they are the owner of the biggest jewelry company). BACK UP BACK UP!! As a child, Andrew's mother left him when he was a child, so he has like this great animosity towards "nas ej." OH! This is a good one!!! ---> He's seeing 'nas ej's younger step sister!! Um hum!! Um hum!!

So far, Andrew is thinking nas ej is just a "gold digger" and doesn't believe that she is looking for her father...which does make sense considering she doesn't really have any proof considering the gold ring her father gave her mother was already stolen...

Skip skip skip....Andrew's mother comes back, wanting him to accept her again, but he denies her,SKIP SKIP SKIP...His mother wants Rasa to help she has lunch with Andrew pleading with him to accept his mother and so on....he refuses...skip skip skip....after the lunch..Andrew demands that Rasa to not play with his younger brother, who likes Rasa A LOT, but of course she also refuses....and that's all I saw....but here is the whole summary from Kob's Korner....


Rasa (Kob), recently graduated from university and decides to open a clothing business with two girlfriends, was shocked when her mother, Supa, revealed her dark secret before she passed away. Rasa was not a daughter of Supa's husband but it was Supa's wealthy boss. Supa's boss raped her when she worked as a maid in his house. She felt the responsibility that Rasa must know who is her biological father. She asked Rasa to meet him along with a ring which will support her identity. However, Rasa's half older brother took all of her mother's belongings, including the ring, without telling her. Rasa decides to meet her biological father without any evidence, only with her mother's words. Her father, Mr. Chalerm, owner of a big jewerly corporate business, refused Rasa immediately along with his wife and his oldest daughter, Wan. They see her as a con-artist, looking for money. Rasa, in the other hand, just wants her real father to apologize to her mother's death body for the bad thing he did to her in the past. Sasikarn, Mr. Chalerm's other sister, believes Rasa's word and treats her nicely. She thinks that Rasa and her are look alike. Sasikarn's boyfriend, Chaonon (Andrew), distrusts Rasa but his younger brother, Apirak, likes Rasa. Instantly, Rasa is in the middle of many conflicts while she is trying to be accepted by her real father, she is trying to help Apirak to meet his mother and asks Chanon to forgive his mother for leaving her husband and sons to live with another man 17 years ago. Rasa's father has kidney malfunction and requires dialysis. His chance of surviving was to have kidney transplant. Rasa is the only one who can help because her blood type matches her father. However, her older half-sister, Wan, was overwhelmed by greed and selfishness, tried to kill her but unsuccessfully since Rasa is not in the place where the bomb is. Chanon, with the conflict within himself, tries to avoid Rasa but can't help falling in love with her. He knows that his brother loves Rasa but Rasa doesn't love Apirak. She knows that she loves Chanon but she fells so guilty because Chanon is Sasikarn's boyfriend. Finally everything is clear. Chanon sees that Rasa is willing to risk herself giving her kidney to her father. He feels that no matter how terrible his mother is, she is still his mother. He knows that Rasa makes him see thing better. Sasikarn knows that Chanon doesn't love her but he loves Rasa. She knows that she is the third party, not Rasa. All she wants is that her father will be better. Apirak also accepts the fact that Rasa is going to be his sister-in-law but he is happy for his brother to have a good wife like Rasa. Rasa has proved herself with honor and pride against all prejudices. The End

Credits for story summary: Lilly

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