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Fire Long translates into "pretend love". It doesn't literally translates into that but if you translate it literally word for word it loses something in the translation. Fire Long is a figure of speech used when someone pretends to love someone and uses them.

-Soracha plays Tien
-Willy who plays Naparoot
-Jalunee plays Tien's sister , Pon
Other characters includes Jane (Willy's fiancťe)
-Pon's boyfriend Nitan
-Willy's mom named Ghampit in the lakorn
-Willy's best friend Kithie
-Willy's little sister.

The story opens up with a conflict. Willy's father goes over to visit Pon, who is his secret mistress. Pon and Willy's father was having an affair for two years now and today was his birthday. In the two years, he has taken care of Pon and her little sister. He bought them cars and a House and got his friend to get Pon's sister, Tien a job. He met Pon when she was living in the Thai slums. Willy's father's visit turned sour when Pon confronted him with truth that within those two years and before the two years, she already had a boyfriend. Willy's father became shocked and enraged and disappointed, because he really did love Pon. Realizing that he had been used for his money, and with a bad heart, Willy's father walked out of his mistress's house weakly and faintly.

He returned home to find his family had been awaiting him with a surprise birthday party. This made him feel guilty for his two year affair even more by knowing how kind his family was. He felt ashamed that he cheated on his wife Ghampit, and deceived his family for two years. He also felt foolish and ignorant for allowing himself to be cheated by Pon. He excused himself from the party and retired to the family room. Willy followed him to attend to his care realizing how weak and tired his father looked. Willy's father then told Willy everything that happened before finally, he had a heart attack and passed away.

During the funeral, Tien came to give her respects and to beg for forgiveness because she did not agree with what her sister did. Tien saw Willy's father as her own father and loved him very much. Tien wanting to ask Willy's father's soul or spirit for forgiveness, on behalf of her sister, brought a flower ornament to the funeral with her sister's name, Pon on it. As soon as the family saw Pon's name they became angry. They didn't allow her to pray or pay any respects. They also kicked her out of the funeral. Willy and the family blamed the death of their father on Pon. They also vowed they would get revenge.


Tien, was disappointed about the funeral but she would never give up trying to make it up to Willy and his family. She also knew that what ever comes around goes around (karma in the Buddhist religion) and she didn't want her sister to suffer later on. Even though she knows her sister is wrong, she still loves her sister. Tien would later on try over and over to convince her sister to pray and beg for forgiveness. And the right thing to do so that some of the hurt and pain of the family could be relieved would be to return all the things that Willy's dad ever gave to them to the Family. It might not make them forgive Pon but it might calm the fires of rage. Pon and Tien were once alone with no money before Willy's father came along (even though Pon knows in her heart that keeping all the things Willy's father gave them was the wrong thing to do) she would never return to their old way of living. Pon felt she earned the luxuries by taking care of Willy's father's needs for so long. Also there was a third person who helped make Pon feel not guilty about keeping the luxuries. It was her boyfriend, Nitan. What kind of person would allow his girlfriend to use her body for money? Obviously a person who doesn't really love her and a person with no morals, values, honor, and all the nasty other stuff. It was his idea to cheat Willy's father. He is what we call a Gigolo.

Tien despised Nitan because she knew what kind of a person he was because when Pon was not around Nitan would constantly attempt to molest or fondle Tien. Little did Pon know, Nitan too was using her for money. He had a girlfriend too, and they are in the background plotting to take away all of Pon's money so they can be living happily together. Even though Tien knew of this she couldn't tell her sister because her sister would never believe her. Pon always accuses Tien of hating Nitan for no reason.

One day the Lawyer of Willy's family sent a letter to Pon. It was time to open the will and Pon's name was mentioned in it. Tien once again reminded Pon how wrong it was and wanted Pon to return all the money. Pon refused. The day of the will opening, Pon received from Willy's father, all that he had given her like the house and cars, and in addition he rewarded Pon with some valuable land worth 30 million baht (Thai money currency). Tien was embarrassed about everything but Pon was happy to receive more from Willy's father. Willy's mother Ghampit, in shock fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

"Pon & Naparoot"

Each day that Ghampit was in the hospital Tien would secretly bring her flowers. Ghampit had to have an operation for her heart. During her operation she had a life after death experience. Willy's father came to her. He told her he was sorry for everything that he had done to the family. He also wanted Ghampit to forgive Pon for what she had done and let go of her anger and vengeful heart. Then the operation was over and so was the experience. She couldn't do what her husband had asked because her heart was too full of hatred for Pon. Each time Tien came to visit her she would always kick her out. Tien would endured all the attacks, and the verbal abuse. She wanted so much for Ghampit to forgive her sister. Ghampit asked her why would she care and Tien replied that her sister had sinned so much, and because they were sisters and she couldn't stop her sister from sinning and so in a sense she too was responsible for her Ghampit's husband's death. Ghampit thought that her husband died because he trusted Pon too much. She did not want to make the same mistake and did not believe or trust Tien's sincerity.

In the mean while, Nitan had convinced Pon to invest her money in helping him build a company. This was part of Nitan's plot to cheat her. Pon had to sell the land she inherited to finance Nitan's new company. Because she needed money fast she didn't have time to wait for a buyer. Willy had offered to buy back all of his father's land. The land was worth 30 million. Willy offered Pon only 10 million. At first Pon refused. Then after Nitan had a talk with her she decided to take the offer. Pon sent Tien to close the deal for her. Tien reluctantly went to see Willy. Because Pon took so long to agree to the deal Willy changed his mind and the new deal was 8 million. Willy expected Tien to be angry by this but she in turn was very willing. Tien said if it was up to her he would give all the land back for free. For a few seconds Willy, through his anger and hatred, actually felt respect for Tien for saying that. He had expected her to be like her sister. This didn't change things though, he still hated Tien and Pon.

As part of Willy's revenge he needed to know all he could about his enemies. He hired a private investigator to follow Nitan. The investigator caught Nitan with his girlfriend and had taken several photos of the two together. This news alone would send Pon to her shock. Maybe Willy was waiting to do more than send Pon into shock, possibly to death like what she did to his father.

Tien went to visit Ghampit at the hospital once again. Tien asked Ghampit if she could ever forgive her sister's wrong doing. Ghampit said she could never forgive or forget what Pon did to her but, she did however realize what a good person Tien was. She would now not be as cruel to Tien, she grew to respect Tien for her sense of obligation, and responsibility, towards her sister. Because Ghampit warmed her heart for Tien, this gave Tien hopes that one day Ghampit would forgive her sister. She would continue to try. Then unexpectedly Naparoot (Willy) walked into the room. He was angry and upset to see Tien there once again. He dragged Tien into the next room and began to insult her as usual. Then, surprisingly he kissed her. He did it because he knew that Tien wouldn't like it. Also in Thai culture, it was rude, and disrespectful to do this to a girl. Tien was disgusted, and offended, then ran out of the hospital. Later on that night, both Naparoot, and Tien couldn't sleep. They both hated each other, yet, they couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. I think they somehow felt something for each other then, though they would not admit it as yet.

A few days later, Kithie (Naparoot's best friend) saw Tien walking in the mall. He approached her and asked her why she hasn't been visiting Ghampit lately. Ghampit was cruel to Tien, and would always try to kick her out of the room, but when Tien didn't visit her the past couple of days she became lonely, and somehow missed having Tien around. Kithie told Tien that Ghampit missed her and that she was going to go home from the hospital the next day. Kithie invited Tien to visit Ghampit with him and he also guaranteed her safety from Naparoot..... so they went to the hospital together. When Tien walked into the room Ghampit smiled a little. Tien asked permission of Ghampit to visit her at home after she got out from the hospital......Ghampit agreed. Just when everyone was happy, Naparoot walked into the room. He was about to exchange words with Tien again, when Kithie asked Naparoot to hold in his anger to save him face. Kithie told Naparoot that he was the one to invite Tien. In order to not disgrace his best friend, Naparoot held in his anger and left the room.

The next day, Ghampit was taken home by her children along with Kithie and Jane (Naparoot's fiancťe). When they got home, Naparoot and Jane excused themselves and went off alone. Kithie and Ghampit had a chance to talk, and Kithie asked Ghampit what she thought about Tien. Kithie respected Tien's sincerity, persistence and heart, and was falling in love with her, but he didn't want to hurt Ghampit. Ghampit told Kithie it was alright if he wanted to be with Tien. She only cautioned him to be careful in case Tien was like her sister. Ghampit's daughter over heard their conversation, and was very hurt, because she was in love with Kithie.

In the meanwhile Jane and Naparoot were taking a walk. Naparoot had asked Jane to do him a favor. They were plotting to destroy Nitan's and Pon's new company. They asked a friend to trick Nitan into believing that a huge company wanted to do business with him. They gave Nitan a little bit of money to make him think that the business deal was real. Willy also has those pictures of Nitan and his new girlfriend. It seems as though Naparoot's plans for revenge is almost going to happen. Also, Tien's boss had retired and left all his business for Naparoot to take care of. Now Naparoot is Tien's boss and he has more power over her.

The final episodes written by Soavaly of "Willy McIntosh Homepage" It happened during the weekend......
Dade, Tienís old boss was retired and was going out of the country for his vacation. Naparoot and his workers...including Tien went to the airport to say their good-byes! Tien was quite emotional...Dade told her to keep on doing her best and be strong. He said for Naparoot to look after Tien and then said his good byes to his old employees. After Dade was gone, everybody started for home. Most of the workers were carpooling, so every thing was okay for them. Naparoot came running...looking for Tien. He asked her co-workers, they just told him that she was probably out, catching the bus or something. Naparoot rushed out in search for her. He found her in time before she called for the taxi. Naparoot told Tien that he was going to drop her off at her house, but she refused his service. He told her that he needed to talk to her about her sister. Tien decided to get into Naparootís car and he drove off into etc...

In the car, Naparoot started to talk about his plans to destroy Pon. Tien begged him to stop...she said that she will do anything, if he stop his evil deeds. With these words, Naparoot decided to give Tien an offer...he will stop if Tien will be his for one day. Naparoot tried to hurry her up with her final answer...Tien unintentionally said yes to Naparootís offer. Naparoot brought Tien to a hotel...with his first touch...Tien instantly changed her mind. But it was too late...Naparoot would not let her go. Tien tried to beg for mercy..."Please let me go home, I change my mind....please, let me go!" Sad...after that, she was his.

"Tien & Naparoot" After that incident, Tien became sick (from sadness and ashamed)...she called in sick for a whole week and I think it was 3 extra days... Naparoot didnít believe that Tien was really he told the news to Kithi...Kithi decided that he should go and see.

Pon was out and Tien was at home alone with her maid and Nitan. Tien was so sick that she could not get out of bed....Nitan used that time to come into Tienís room and rape her (poor Tien, everybody seems to try to rape her). But the maid came time to help Tien. The maid was going to come in and tell Tien that she had a guest (Kithi). Tien ran out of the room and ran to ask for help from Kithi...thank god he was there! After Nitan left...Tien fainted and Kithi brought her to the hospital...the doctor just told them that she was just kind of tired and needed rest and gave her some vitamins to improve her health...

Kithi brought back the news to Naparoot...Naparoot tried to hide his true feeling, because Jane was there with him. Jane tried to accuse Tien...that she was probably have been having an affair with Nitan...Naparoot didnít want to heat any of it so he told her to stop! Naparoot met with his spy...the spy started with Pon and Nitanís story, but Naparoot wanted to hear about Tien first. The spy told him that Nitan tried to rape Tien, but someone helped her in time. He continued that Tien has never had any kind of relationship with Nitan before...ahuh...Naparoot felt a bit better now...he was her first and only...

Ponwalai (Pon) fainted when she found out that Nitan had lied to her. He had taken everything from her(money, house, car, etc.), by saying that he needed the money to expand his business. He had told her that his company had a surplus and that he wanted to expand it, but needed the more money to do so. Making Pon feel secured about the business made it easier for him to get her money. Pon had just lost everything. Nitan had closed the business long before he had ask for the title of the house and Ponís car.

Tien had tried to stop her sister from giving him more money, because she knew that he had closed the business long ago. Nitan denied it boldly and said that the company was quiet, because all the workers were out on business calls. Pon believed him and said no more. Tien didnít know what to do, because her sister trusted his word more than hers. Later after Nitan had left, Pon received a letter that was a warning from the debt collectors ...wanting them to pay for the companyís deficit. Pon was shocked and could not believe what she was seeing. With all to her knowledge, she was told that the company had a surplus and that everything was going wonderfully...what is this? Pon and Tien went to the company and found that the company was no longer there. Nobody or anything was there...but bareness and the feeling of betrayal. Pon could not believe that the man she loved and trusted had just betrayed her like she did with Naparootís dad. She has now lost everything she had owned and now has gained debt that was left by Nitan for her to pay.

Tien was really mad at Naparoot and blames everything on him for all the things that has happened to her sister. He was the one who started all this. She had once warned him that what ever happen to her sister...she will never, ever forgive him! Tien was not feeling very well, so Kithie (Naparootís best friend) took her to see a doctor. There, they found out that Tien was pregnant. Even though, Tien would not tell who the father was, but Kithie guessed that it was Naparoot. Kithie told the news to Naparoot about Tien. Naparoot was shocked and rushed to see Tien. When he got there, Naparoot wanted to know if the baby was his...Tien denied anything that ever happened between them. Ghampit told Naparoot to forgive and forget everything. She told him to pay for all the debt Nitan had created for Pon. Naparoot promised to do so. *** Tien was mad at Naparoot...having his baby was not the thing for her. So, she intentionally tried to have an abortion....dadah...Naparoot came in time to stop her. When Janjira (or also known as Jane) (Naparootís girl-friend) found out the truth, she was steamed and rushed to Tienís house to create a scene with her.


Naparoot followed Tien to ask for forgiveness. They started to have an argument. At the same time, Nitan had past by and heard everything. Nitan then intentionally pretends to accidentally bump into Tien. This incident made Tien lost the baby. Naparoot tried to make up for all the things he did, by bringing Pon back to live in her old house. When they got there, they saw Nitan going through, looking for some things in Pon's house. In that instant, Pon was conscious...she wanted revenge for all the things that Nitan had done to her. She tried to hurt/kill him with a knife, but Naparoot stopped her in time. At that very instant, police entered the house and arrest Nitan. Naparoot told Tien that he loved her. Pon and Ghampit understood each other. Rathi (Nitanís girlfriend) was scared that the police will arrest her, Rathi decided to returned all the money she took back to Pon. Janjira finally made up her mind about Naparoot and Tien. Jane came to them to wish them a happy new beginning with each other.

The End

Special THANKS to Anne Sundara for having this summary in her homepage.