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we are sorry that this section isn't quite ready yet but come back soon to check it out..THaNKS! ~*X-WOMEN*~

aLL riGht LaDieS aNd GeNts….
ArE yOu ReaDy tO rUmMmMmmboOoOoLe…………

oKay…fOr tHe rEaLs nOw…

YoU haVe jUst eNtEreD tHe

wHat tHis zOnE iS aLL aBouT:

tHis iS aLL fOr tHe nAmE aNd tHe gAmE of FUN, sO dOn’t TakE iT sEriOusLeE…wHat wE haVe wiThiN oUr pAge aRe piCtuRes Of LaDies aNd GeNtLemEn fRieNds aLoNg wiTh a SimpLe pRofiLe of tHeiRs…aNd YoU gEt tO bE tHe pLayA (pUn inTenDed =P)

wHat tO dO:
yOu deCiDe wHo yOu’d LikE tO “HIT and QUIT”…

tHeN tOwaRds tHe eNd oF eVerY weEk, we’LL pOst uP tHe mOst hiTtEd aNd qUitTed LaDie’s aNd GeNt’s picTurE aLoNg wiTh LiLo cOmMeNts tHaT yOu mAde…
aS we sAiD b4, tHis iS aLL fOr thE naMe aNd tHe GaMe Of FUN…sO oUr feLLoW siStAs aNd bRotHas wHo aRe fEatUreD iN oUr
HIT it and QUIT it ZONE pLeaSe Do nOt…wE rePeaT…pLeAse dO nOt taKe ANY oFfeNse…
hEy aNd iF yOu’d LikE fOr uS tO feaTurE sOmeOne (oR uRseLF =P) uP iN hEa…fEeL fReE tO eMaiL uS…aNd tHoSe wHo aRe fEatUreD uP in hErE aNd wOuLd Like uS tO KiNdLy LeAve yOu oUt…dOn’t heSitAtE tO eMaiL uS aLsO…


Okay, so here are three fine a** brothas up in here...We're not quite there LADIES...for your viewing enjoyment you can just click on the pictures to view it...So until then...Don't hesitate to come back...Chao!

wE wOuLd LiKe tO dEdiCatE tHis ParTicuLaR sEcTioN tO:
YeR aNd SaNdyDeE

(gUrLs…u kNow wHo u ArE…=P)

ya’LL gAve uS tHe iDea oF “HIT it and QUIT it”

***For those out there who is still stuck on what we mean about “HIT it and QUIT it,” the nicest way we can put it is, a FLING…kinda…we’ll have to get back to you on that…=P***
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