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Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends in a teardrop.

"Don't fall in Love"

Did you ever love someone,
But knew they didn't care?
Did you ever feel like crying,
But knew you'd get nowhere?

Did you ever close your eyes,
And say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into their heart,
And wish that you were there?

Did you ever watch them walk away,
Not wanting them to go?
And whispered, "God I love you…"
But never let them know?

You cry all night in misery,
And almost go insane.
There's nothing in the whole wide world,
That causes so much pain.

If I could choose between love and death,
I think I'd rather die.
Love is fun, but it hurts so much,
The price you pay is high.

And so, I say, don't fall in love,
You get hurt before it's through.
You see my friend, I ought to know,
Because I fell in love with you.

Love is like a flower. If you don't take time to treasure its beauty, it will soon die.