Dear Diary
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Dear Diary

Dear Diary-
Today I saw a boy and I wondered if he noticed
me. He took my breath away.
Dear Diary-
I canít get him off my mind and it scare
me Ďcause Iíve never felt this way. No one
in this world knows me better than you do.
Dear Diary-
Today I saw that boy. As he walked by I though
he smiled at me. And I wondered. Does he know
whatís in my heart? I tried to smile, but
I could hardly breathe.
Should I tell him how I feel or would that
scare him away. Diary, tell me what to
do. Please tell me what to say.
Dear Diary-
One touch of his hand. Now I canít wait
to see that boy again. He smiled and I
thought my hear could fly. Diary, do
you think that weíll be more than friends?
Iíve got a feeling weíll be so much more
than friends.