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The Story of My Sad Life

I'm a hopeless romantic I chase and I run after love
Where ever it may go my heart shall follow
But everytime I am always kicked down and pushed back
And everytime I always wipe my tears away....brush off the dirt and the blood
And I get up by myself with no one there to help me
Its really hard but I force myself to get up
Even if my body is too battered to continue
I lift my head and I look up
I look up at love and it looks right back at me with an evil grin
And I start to run and chase after love again
The scars in my heart will heal... they always do...
But never will the blood stains on my clothes be ever washed away
The pain will never be gone
It will always remains
That’s how it is
Even when you think you've found that special person...
Love deceives you and kicks you down...
It pounds you with all its might...
Thinking that maybe you will give up....
And sometimes some people do...
But me..
I'll never give up...
I'll keep searching and chasing after it...
For I have nothing to lose... and everything to gain...
I shall forever chase after love
For it will not kill me
It will only make me stronger and stronger
The pain is so unbearable but I won’t give up until I finally catch love
And find out what "love" really is
I guess my life is sad but in life people everywhere search for love
I cant give up... not now.

Adam Vang