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A Poem by ADAM

I've waited for you all my life
Waited for someone like you
Someone who could bring a smile to my face
Someone who could bring laughter into my heart
I've waited so long
And been through so much pain

When I first met you
Something told me that you were special
Different from any girl I have met
My heart, it has this feeling for you
And, baby, ever since I have fallen for you
I can only think of you
For loving you is the purpose of my life

Your love blinds me of the outside world
It takes away my self-control
You see through my heart and into my soul
And thatís where you are and where you belong, in my heart

In this world, I have always wondered what my purpose was
Through hard times I persevered
And now I know why I did so
It was so I could spend my whole life giving my love to you
It was because you exist that I gave it my all
Cant you see that we were meant to be?

We're so perfect together
Holding each other
Filling our hearts with the warmth of our love
You in my arms

Whispering sweet words of love in your ear
We'll be together forever, my love

Our lives are filled with sadness and sorrow
With you by my side
A little happiness exists inside of me
If I have you forever
I could care less if the world ended
We'll start life all over again like Adam and Eve

Together we'll always be
Loving each other for a lifetime