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Another "Card"

Iíve been strong
In many sad songs
And itís been too long

With my ears open
Iím still hoping
To hear things that are unspoken

I no longer want to hold it in
Iím letting out of what I feel within
Iíll take my chances and see how itíll end

I want you to know how I feel
Maybe then my sore heart will heal
So listen and listen well

I want you to know I love you
And everyday I miss you
But my question is do you too?

I donít know it you even like me
I thought I found the key
But I guess it was not meant to be

Iím wondering it there another one?
Is she the one you like and want more?
If it is so, then what am I here for?

Pure and innocent as a dove
I play to get your love
But of course you play to be above

Itís true of what they say
That one will take it as a play
And the other will be the one to pay

In this deck you play king
I donít exist, so Iím unknown without a name
I guess Iím playing the wrong game

Iím just another "card," shuffled in your deck.

-Maria ĎReyaí Xiong