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Movie fans will recall the ground-breaking fight scenes in the movie Billy Jack.  The martial art portrayed in that movie was hapkido. Renowned for spectacular kicking techniques, hapkido is equally well known for its highly effective joint locks, throws and take-downs.

Hapkido is a fluid and highly adaptable system of self-defense from Korea.  Using an attacker's own momentum and energy against him, a hapkido stylist is capable of defending himself or herself with almost no effort.

Hapkido is also easy to learn.  Based on only a handful of core techniques, hapkido students then learn how to adapt those techniques to respond to any situation.  As a result, even a beginner with only a few lessons possesses effective self defense skills.  This makes hapkido an ideal choice for a person who wants a self defense system they can use NOW!

Martin's students also use hapkido with great success on the tournament circuit.  The picture above sows Sensei Ines Comeau with her ukes (partners).  Sensei Comeau captured the 1998 NBL world self defense title with a spectacular self defense routine that included using hapkido techniques to effortlessly manipulate her ukes' combined weight of over 700 pounds.  Sensei Comeau continues to compete on the tournament circuit, and is an inspiration to other Martin's competitors, who have also captured several tournament titles using hapkido.

Sensei Martin holds a 1st degree black belt on hapkido under Grand Master Chuck Platten.  Grand Master Platten holds an 8th degree himself, and both instructors teach regularly at Martin's karate Studio.  Hapkido classes welcome non-club members too!  Call or e-mail us for class times and fees.

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