Big Loader 
Review by Rocky 

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Name Serial # Location Team
001 Clinton Lum  "Pike" *NONE* LosT Angeles, CA
002 Rocky Grismore "Cry Havoc" A10202 Peru, Indiana Bad Dream
003 Watson Chotimongkol 990168 Boston, MA
004 Kennedy How 730124 Sterling Heights, MI Twilight Zone
005 Robert Mooberry 990097
Dallas, Texas
006 Soren A. Barr 730006 Minneapolis, MN
007 Phranc 330017
008 Jan Sigurd Aarberg 730091 Vollen, Norway
009 Trond Finholt 730106 Aarnes, Norway The Norwegian Troll Paintball Team
010 Chris Yue 730000 Edina, MN
011 Patrick Piscitelli A11318 Port Charlotte, FL
012 Karim Nouri 650379 Ambler, Pennsylvania
013 Thomas Isaksen 990140 Tromsø, Norway
014 Stefan Johansson A10092 Järvsö, Sweden Deadheads
015 David Persson Järvsö, Sweden
016 Ken Newell  "Cybrshark" A11140 Wabash, Indiana The Renegades
017 Marius Sevaldsen Norway
018 Jed D. Tyrney 730050 Louisiana, USA
019 Yannick Daoudi 990002 Montreal, Canada Tomb Squad
020 Tom McCarthy 990170 New Jersey, USA
021 Richard Allen "Ronin" A10244 Wolf Creek, OR
022 Roy C. Lumley 730085 London, Ontario Canada
023 James Kitching Merigold, MS
024 Stephane Labelle 990178 Longueuil, Quebec
025 Michael C. Morrill 990008 Renton, WA
026 Ian Cunningham *NONE* Seattle, WA Renegade Rednecks
027 Alec Payumo 650349 San Francisco, CA
028 Tom Sparkman A10239 Palmdale, CA
029 Peter Isaak 330142 Almere, Netherlands Rapid Fire
030 Charlett Busigin 730065 London, Ontario Canada
031 Ben Chuang 730123 Montgomery, AL
032 Jason Meiners 990019 Dallas, Texas Blitzkrieg
033 Chris R. Jarvis 280059 Mt. Pleasant, AR SELECT-FIRE
034 Jay Heydlauff Ames, Iowa Carnage
035 Christopher Congleton Greenville, NC
037 Greg Gombos 280213 Rockville, MD
038 Raymond Hogendorp 330113 Zoetermeer, Netherlands Rapid Fire
039 DINH Quoc-Thai 730051 Paris, France Fragmasters
040 Chad Mauch 990164 Fargo, ND Lemmings
041 Lars Maul 330089 Calgary, Alberta CANADA
042 Burleigh Wood  "Xot" A10172 Dallas, Texas The Wolfpack
043 Robb Lussier "Gumby" ?????? Minneapolis, MN
044 Jay Costantini 990105 Ottawa, Ontario Canada
045 Joe Carpentier 280226 Farmington, NH
046 John Moeller 650203 Royal Oak, Michigan
047 Robert D. Ullery A10019 Duncan, AZ
048 Denton Biglane Natchez, MS
049 Ray Cebulski A10062 North Pole, Alaska
050 Don Frankish A10242 Foremost, Alberta Splatter Cat''s
051 Jon Almasy 330097 Raleigh, NC UNCW Cyberhawks
052 Hans F. Shull 990079 Beverly, MA
053 Emilio Navedo "Ciera" 990027
054 Paul Hedrington  "Lynfalas" 650308 Minneapolis, MN
055 Stephen D. Hall A10081
Kingsburg, California
056 Dan Palermo 650153 Pittsburg, PA
057 Trevor Bogart 650248 Memphis, TN
058 Richard Hepburn 280207 Woodbridge Ont. Canada
059 Daniel Ovaska 990158 Gävle, Sweden
060 Shane Waters A10085 Leoma, Tenn
061 Roland Harding New Zealand
062 Charles Tilson "Paladin" A10225 Palmdale, California
063 Lantz Savage "Savage Beast" A10285 Luling, Louisiana
064 Nicholas Smith A10190 Austin, Texas
065 Brian Jones A11025 Leoma, Tenn
066 William Parkhurst  "Big Nasty" A10085 Gainesville, FL
067 James Maddox 990005
068 Eric Theis A10245 Tiffin, Ohio
069 Jim Butts A10069 Houston, TX
070 Dick Pavano "Psycho" 650181 Berlin, CT
071 William B. Hart
072 Geoff Overton  "Aries" 80200 Canada
073 Jason Koo 990018 Washington, D.C.
074 James Reiser A10130 Homer, Alaska
075 Jeff Wenner ?
076 Trung Chanh Phan A11107 Pittsburgh, PA Riverside Renegades,
077 Troy Martin "Superfly" 880079 Vancouver, WA
078 Terry Bentley A10420 Dallas, Texas
079 Phillip LeFrancois  "Frenchy" A11177
080 Baker Allen  "Aphrodisiac" A10367
081 BJ Mitchell  "Snyper" Puyallup, Washington
082 Daniel Strand A10127 Gävle, Sweden
083 Jarrette Moats Sugarland, Texas
084 Emilio Frattaruolo  "eLmO" A10075 Orangeburg, New York
085 Yasene Almuttar A10219 Maryville, Missouri Team Ballz
086 Colin Lennox  "Coin Monster" A10454 Altoona, PA Sabath
087 Clint Boyd  "Shadow_Enforcer" A11169 Richmond, Illinois Nuclear Fallout
088 Son Nguyen-Dang 650060 Toronto, Canada
089 Robert Moore  "Wolfspider" A10462 Fayetteville, Georgia
090 Joe Giaimo  "KICKS" A10344 Grand Island, NY KOD  Kings OF Destruction
091 George Fassnacht A10155 Philadelphia, PA
093 Robert Wachter  "Bambi" A10054 Toronto, Canada
094 Bill McLaughlin A10402 Denver, CO
095 Yuky Dihardjo 330070 Waco, Texas
096 Adam Scamihorn A10189 Wabash, IN Renegades
097 Robert Wolf  "Red Wolf" A10453 Dublin, Virginia Massive Tacit
098 John Gamboa A10057 Vallejo, CA
099 Trish Gamboa A11082 Vallejo, CA

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