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Big Loader   
Review by Rocky 
First off, this gun is LOUD! EVERYBODY on the field is going to know exactly who you are, and where you're at once you fire, no doubt about it. It definitely has a distinct sound and those who you scare the crap out of in full auto will be the wiser next time you play with them. I donít mind this though, I like the intimidation factor :)  

Second, it's very, very, very accurate. In fact, so accurate one wonders if you really need full auto at all (which I will address next). I tested it several ways, from just plinking in my back yard to several outdoor games and I've found that you can really dot some i's and cross some t's with it...for those who have been former Marines, put it this way: If Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock was a paintballer, this would be his gun, rest assured. (If you donít know who he was, just do a net search...greatest sniper there ever was IMO) For a good test, set up some pop bottles/cans at 50 / 75 / 100 /125 feet and see for yourself, the little four position sight that comes stock with the gun will surprise you.  

Third, the rate of fire is cycles very quickly. I've fired it semi-slow, semi-fast, and full auto and I think Tagline has found the sweet spot between rapid fire and accuracy. You get to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. You can get about 8 shots per second in semi, give or take a shot, so the full auto option becomes a toy (admittingly).  

Fourth, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIRD PARTY BARRELS!!!!! (sorry clint, had to say it) If you're looking for nickel plated cosmetics well, then thatís the only real excuse because the STOCK BARREL ROCKS!!! 4 inch groupings at 100ft!!! And the last time I talked with Paul Sedler at Tagline, the new ones have spiral venting to improve it even more!  

Fifth point: Gas efficiency....about 825 shots per 12oz is very, very awesome...About a year ago, I had read in that a fellow TS-1 owner had jury-rigged his TS-1 up to a 12 gram cartridge and got an amazing 23 shots out of it!  

Sixth Point: Ammo conservation and the publics general view that if you own one, you automatically must be a paint hoser from hell. BZZzt! Not necessarily...myself, personally, I have not found the need for full auto with this gun in most cases with it being so accurate in semi mode. Secondly, when you go onto the field you are typically carrying less paint than you would if you had a gun with a VL-200 or VL-2000/3000. Case in point: I carry about six total TS-1 foregrips/loaders (60rnd) plus a full (20 round) clip. The MAXIMUM I can take with me is 380 paintballs and in any given 15 minute game with my style of play I go through about 2 grips. With my 68Carbine with an approximately 180 round VL-200 and six 100 round Gatorback tubes I'm carrying 780 rounds and am more tempted to just hose because I donít have to reload as often. Of course, the naysayers will say this point will be moot, when the Magnum Loader (200rnd agitated foregrip) hits the sceneÖand I tend to agree....<snicker>  


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