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Review by Rocky 

Updated:  April 10, 2001 

I guess if you got here, that pretty much means you want to get in contact with people. Okay, here are the most important numbers for stuff that you might want for your current or future TS1 Select or other parts that might be of interest to ya.

ATS, Inc. 
(Advanced Tactical Systems)
11611 Jay Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448
1-800-594-3467 - order line and information. 
FAX: (763) 767-9059
Marketing Director: Terry Halsch 
ATS is the prime manufacturer and distributor of the AT85R and its other variants
Brian Sullivan - Designer of the gun
Web Address:

Guns may also be purchased through: 
F.U.N. Supply, Inc.
131 W S St
PO Box 321
Merigold, MS 38759

Tel:  (601) 748-2213
Fax & Voice mail:  (425) 940-4479 
The main contact at F.U.N. Supply is James Kitching
Email :

Skanline Paintball 
Tele:  1-949-645-5463 (Order line and Paintball Info)


The majority of the players that I have talked to wanted to have the Magnum Loader so that they can do some major sprayage on the fields. Sorry, you have to wait late summer to order one. Hopefully everything is running on time and the Magnum will be released by then. In the mean time, feel free check out my how to Build Your Own Big Loader Page or call these manufacturers who have aftermarket products that you might want to purchase to give your TS1 that personal, customized look.
Barrels - B.O.A. (Barrels of America)
Known for their internal finishes of immaculate quality, BOA currently manufactures barrels on a special order basis. They just do not have enough demand to begin full production of barrels for the TS-1. Although the barrels are custom made to your specifications, the prices are quite reasonable. Here are the prices I got from BOA when I called them (330) 878-6309 on 4/7/97. Their address is 8396 Fort Laurens Road, Strasburg, OH  44680.
First of all you can get this barrel in what ever material you want, so long as it is not stainless steel. They have brass, industrial hard-chrome, and nickel plated versions. And you can also get them in ported or non ported versions. I got one of their 14" nickel plated beauties with a .688" inner diameter.  But just remember that they are not manufactured to accept the aluminum breech sizers that came with the gun.
$49 - Brass
$79 - Hard Chrome or Nickel plated
$70 - Concealer barrel (new design helps to quiet the gun down and suppresses visual co2 vapor from exiting the barrel)
$100 - Concealer barrel in nickel finish
J&J Performance 
Also manufacture barrels for the TS-1. They can be contacted at (330) 567-2455. Like BOA, you will also have to special order them straight from the factory. Available materials are brass, industrial hard-chrome, and stainless steel too! You can also ask for it to be ported/non-ported, muzzle breaked, and rifled.
    Prices as of 4/7/97 are:
    $79.95 for stainless steel
    $65.00 for hard chrome
    Palmer's Pursuit
    They also manufacture custom barrels to fit the gun.  Give them a call at (916) 923-9676 and let them know what kind of requirements you need (barrel length, material used, ported or non-ported).
    These guys make "Javelin" aftermarket barrels for the gun. They are also designing HPA upgrade kits that will be available very soon. Cool stuff!  Check out their TS1 page.  AKALMP is commonly known for their low pressure systems for Autocockers which includes their Tornado Valve, Mitey Max low pressure chamber, and Lightning Bolt.
    They can be reached at
    This little piece of kit replaces the several different sized breech sizers. It is a bit pricey though.  Check it out at the Uni-sizer page.
    New Grips 

    The TS-1 utilizes a Eurogrip that bolts onto an M16 style mounting lug which is connected to the receiver body of the 'gun. Some players have remarked that the Eurogrip is too small for their hands. Since the TS-1 has the M16 mounting lug, there are many aftermarket grips that can fit the 'gun. Indian Creek makes a 45 grip as well as CMI International. You could also purchase M16 Lonestar grips, although I kind of hate the feel of them (they are made of plastic and are not that comfortable). I tend to lean towards the Hogue grips. When you start changing grips, you can really customize your 'gun by attaching a whole slew of aftermarket products such as N2/HPA cradles, gas through stocks, bottom line adaptors, and what ever is out there. Just check your local store and bring in your gun to see if their available grips feels and looks the way you like. 


    Very reliable regulators/mods can be purchased through: 
    Palmer's Pursuit Shop
    2951 Development Drive Unit 3
    Sacramento, CA  95838
    Tel: (916) 923-9676
    Fax: (916) 923-9674
    I have their Stablilizer Regulator on my gun and it really does keep the gun's regulator from icing up. You may have heard of their other products, Rock regulator for the Autocockers, and their super accurate Typhoon & Blazer paintguns. 

    Sam Tussing 
    This player and customizer offers his services in adding a rock/jackhammer to your gun to make it more reliable and able to use both HPA and CO2.  He also offers low pressure mods.  <click here>