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Big Loader 
Review by Rocky 



April  29, 2002


TS-1 for sale.  It has been modified by Sam Tussing with an external jackhammer regulator straight ASA.  It comes with 7 foregrip loaders, a hard case, and a 42 ci 3000psi HPA tank.  Gun work son both HPA and CO2.  Asking price is $300 obo + shipping.

If you are interested, please email Fred Stockton directly.

February 28, 2002


Larry is selling his used  ts1s... i have two that i would like to sell for about $250-300.

....both guns have three 60 rounds loaders....i was thinking about selling both with 20oz tanks....and a mask....

February 26, 2002

Mike Gobble ( has one of the big loaders & 2 clips up for sale.  It is one of the prototypes that were made by Tagline but unfortunately never fully realized and marketed to the public.  If you are interested, send him an email.  He is asking for at least $350 for the loader with the 2 clips.

February 16, 2002

If you have sent in your info regarding joining the TS1/AT-85 Owners' Group but were not added to the list, please let me know.  The hard drive crashed and my data was wiped on the emails.  Damn that XP!

November 22, 2001


Ever had that itchin to play some paintball or practice tactics but the weather wasn't up to snuff?  Check out this new tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.  The demo is 76 MB in size so if you have a high speed connection give this one a try.  The key thing that this game offers are larger maps and outdoor action when compared to the Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear titles.

November 21, 2001

** Update **  The loaders have been sold already.

Paul Sedler, who worked with R&D at Tagline, has 2 Big Loader systems to sell.

"I would take $200 (for) each system. This includes the approx 500 round forward mag. with flip top lid and the jumbo shaker clip. They really work great".


November 15, 2001

Another  used TS1 has shown up on Ebay.  Item # 1031436296.  The auction ends in less than 3 days.  Currently it is at $255.

September 3, 2001

A used TS-1 has been placed on Ebay.  Item # 1187344435.  Starting bid is $75.

August 14, 2001

Do you have a gun without the video?  Michael a.k.a. "Have Blue" has converted the ATS video into Quicktime format.  <click here>  There are two parts which are 80 mb and 71 mb in size.  So if you have broadband or a lot of time on your hand, you can check them out.

April 14, 2001

Of general paintball interest, you may be interested that Maxim Magazine has written quite a bit regarding some of the hottest guns at their site.

April 10, 2001

My email got wiped.  If you had sent in information to get added to the Member's Group, and it didn't get posted, then send the info again.  Damn that Microsoft.  Can't wait till the "more stable" XP comes out.

Things are pretty busy on the homefront so if I do not email you back in a timely manner, don't take it personally. ;P

July 30, 2000

Jason Lee sent me this link to his team, Crimson Halo.  He has a modified AT that looks like a killer sniper rifle.

July 9, 2000

I got an email from Michael Sprang who wants to sell a used AT85 for $250.  Interested parties can email him for further details.  <Pic 1>  <Pic 2>  

April 29, 2000

TSOOG is now a registered group on

click to subscribe to TSOOG

You can now post messages, images, take polls, and other cool stuff.

April 18, 2000

James Kitching of FUN Supply has moved the message board to:

April 1, 2000

HICAP LoaderSam Tussing of Tussing Enterprises has developed and is currently marketing their new HiCap loader which can hold 180 rounds.  Yeah there has been many versions of high capacity loaders which resulted in "vaporware", but looks like Tussing Enterprises has beat the competition in getting their product to market.


March 19, 2000

Check this cool site out

I  have already talked about this company before, but they now have full video clips of their Pepperball products that are filled with oleoresin capsicum powder, the same irritant found in pepper sprays.  Here is direct link to their video clips <video>  Check out the video of the full auto AT85 in action.

February 27, 2000

Hey, doesn't the HK-51 look like the TS-1/AT85?  The link shows a replica of the real Heckler & Koch weapon, but since it is an airsoft gun, it only shoots 6mm BBs.  Airsoft is similar to paintball, but they use replica firearms instead of markers.  Considering that ads are showing up in APG for U.S. distributors of airsoft equipment, it is beginning to gain in popularity here in the States.  I&I Sports and A.N.S Extreme (makers of the Gen X suped up 'cockers) also carry airsoft guns in Southern California.

September 13, 1999

Jaycor, a San Diego based think tank is utilizing the AT guns on their web page,  Their pepperballs are for use by law enforcement for safely subduing criminals without using lethal force.  Here is the link to the demostration that CBS did in Los Angeles.

Looks like ATS is offering the  AT85 and other military looking equipment on their site <click here>.  The AT16 base unit, resembling the M16, costs $1089.00 and runs on HPA only.

July 17, 1999

It appears that AKALMP will not be manufacturing any AT or TS1 aftermarket products for any time soon considering that they have are being sued by Worr Game Products (WGP) for manufacturing their own line of guns that closely resemble the world famous Autocockers.  Here is a snip of the lawsuit that is posted on 


"Defendants are now manufacturing, distributing and selling in interstate commerce, including the state of California and this judicial district, the "Revenge" models of paint ball guns which including a paint ball gun bodies which imitate the distinctive designs and trade dress of Plaintiff's paint ball guns and paint ball gun bodies in the following respects: 

(A) the overall appearance and shape of Defendants' gun bodies; and 
(B) the incorporation of a cocking block at the rear of the gun which is identical of Plaintiff's cocking block feature; each which distinguish plaintiff's guns from other guns. 

Defendants' aforesaid use of Plaintiff's paint ball guns and paint ball gun bodies designs and appearance and trade dress has caused and is likely to cause confusion between Defendants and their product and Plaintiff and its product, and such use by defendant infringes the valuable common law rights of Plaintiff in its product design and appearance and its trade dress. "

Personally, I don't know how this will affect the overall paintball market, but it is already starting to create waves as to product trademark infringements and patent law.  It has been the norm that aftermarket high end 'cockers were built from bodies and blocks that were purchased from WGP, these include those manufactured by ANS, Bad Boyz Toyz, and Belsales.  The situation with AKALMP is that they manufactured the gun bodies and blocks themselves, which in effect allowed them to circumnavigate the standard channels and deny WGP any due profit of their designed product.

July 11, 1999

Grant Mouser informed me of the following.  Here is a snipit: 


"Hey, I thought I might pass along this bit of information, if you wanted to
add it to the news page in your spare time.  I was talking to Colin Thompson (owner of LAPCO) and he said that the other day, he had ordered 50 AutoSpirit barrels for the AT85 and TS1.

He isn't sure if he is going to make them "full time" or not.  We got to
discussing the way BOA makes them, and the apparent "lack of demand" that that implies.  If you would pass this along, Colin would like to see what everyone thinks, and how many people would be buying one."

Okay guys, if you really want to get a cool barrel on your gun and further customize it, please email Colin Thompson at and tell him that you interested.

You can also vote online <click here>.

April 25, 1999

Get your gun camouflaged with a "Second Skin". Click here where you can get your gun dipped in a camouflaging pattern from Trebark Inc.  Who says that our guns cannot be made cooler!

Stefan Johansson put together a cool page called the, "The TS1/AT85 BIG LOADER PROJECT".  There seems to be more of a buzz around people building the larger loaders.  Progress looks good, hopefully the buzz will carry through to ATS and revitalilze the magnum loader project that got shelved.

April 10, 1999

Well people what are you waiting for, tax time is just 5 days from now.  If you expect a refund then check Sam Tussing mods out.

"Wanted to let you know that I am honoring the TSOOG discount, even for
players that are waiting to get on the list.  I can't honor it on ATS
parts, but I do charge those out at my invoice price.  The 10% is good
on the mods and the RG-1 regs for those that need them.

I've had time to test and the RG-1 seems to be a great choice for the
ATS guns whether at standard pressure or LP.  $45.00 TSOOG price doesn't hurt either."     Sam Tussing

February 28, 1999

Bridger made a cool pack harness and air assisted feed system for his gun. Check it out on the Customization Page.

CBS, Channel 2,  in Los Angeles has done a little segment on alternative weapons used by law enforcement officers, one of them being the AT85 and using cayenne pepper balls. Click here

October 18, 1998

I created a little commentary page on the nature of using women to advertise paintball equipment.  Sometimes you got to wonder what is going on at their marketing departments because ads are created that either show real dogs or hotties. Click here to enter.

October 6, 1998

I got some pictures of the uni-sizers from Sam Tussing and Stephen Hall.  They are posted on the uni-sizer page.

October 4, 1998

Paul Hedrington (ATS) has announced the shipment of the much awaited Uni-sizers.  They are retailing for $39.95 and they will negate the need for swapping out breech sizers because the Uni-sizer is self compensating for different ball diameters.

I found the following post on the TS1 Message Board by Aaron Alexander:


It's been a long hard fight but the release for the AKA Tornado valve for the TS-1/AT85 is set for December. I will be updating the web page late
monday with all new info on the tornado valve. We also have a few other parts for the TS-1/AT85 in the works, so watch for those. 

The break down on the valve is this. 

With just the tornado valve and a regulator the gun will operate at 300 fps in the 400-425 psi range. 

Then with an air passage modification on the ts-1 /AT85 the gun will operate at 300 fps in the 180-225 psi range depending on paint size. 

There is no alteration to the exterior of the paintball gun, just the addition of the reg externally. 

It works with CO2 or nitrogen, the ts-1 on nitrogen still needs to have the cycle rate slowed down a little. 

As for the barrels they are on the way, we have been so swamped by autococker, and spyder parts production and introducing the new angel parts hasn't help. That we had to shelf some of the smaller projects for a while like the barrels but we have dusted them off and they are being run again. We have also just added a 4-axis cnc mill to help reduce the work load. 

It's been a long wait since the development of the valve back in July, 97 and now I can finally release it. 

Aaron K. Alexander AKALMP, INC

May  7, 1998

    I spoke with Dave Freeman, co-owner of Pursuit Marketing Inc. (PMI), today and was given authority to announce their involvement in the distributing and marketing of the AT85R and AT10R.  For those of you who do not know of PMI, they were the company that brought you the PMI-3 also known as the VM-68.  They also distributed the Tagline Tracer pump gun.  Here is what he had to say.

    I was very "impressed with its accuracy, fit and finish." This gun offers real "value" to the paintball consumer.

    PMI has always represented high quality guns and their position in supporting and distributing the AT85R will only help to bolster sales which should inevitably create an owner base great enough to justify spending the $$$ in producing the Magnum Loader.

March  28, 1998

    The patches that have not been claimed in the past and have been collecting dust on my table for months are now up for grabs on a first come first served basis.  I will respond and confirm whether your reservation of a patch is determined based on the date and time that I receive your email.

    There are only 14 patches left.  They cost $5 (which includes the postage).  Due to the limited supply of patches, there will be a limit of one patch per person.

March  22, 1998

    Several of the members of the Owner's Group have not picked up their patches that they have reserved.  They have been collecting dust for over 3 months.  If you have reserved a patch and have not sent in the money yet, you have 1 week to notify me of your current interest in purchasing one of these fine patches.

    Unclaimed patches will go to those who send in their money the fastest.

February  14, 1998

January  19, 1998

    Happy New Year guys!  I hope all is well.  The first item on my mind is that I have been extremely busy with stuff and have not updated the pages if you have noticed lately.  But do not feel like you are being neglected.  I do have your pics and will try to post them as soon as I can.

    The patches have all sold out! If you have already reserved a patch and have not sent in the money, please do.  These are scarce items considering that I may not make another run of patches.

December  2, 1997

    Okay, this isn't the most current piece of news, but it is not more than a week old 'kay. I got word from Paul Hedrington of ATS that 

    "The AT10R conversion kit is available so a player can alternate between the 2 guns.  The cost is $249 for the kit that includes the receiver, barrel, and VLA cover."

    So just remember that Christmas is coming up and I know that you all have been good boys and girls...right?

November  19, 1997

    I got my TS1 story that ran in APG scanned.  If you are near a newsstand, check out the January 1998 issue.