A. u. t. o. b. i. o. g. r. a. p. h. y.
I have been playing paintball for over 8 years in Southern California after being hooked onto this sport by my brother. All I can say is that once you get into paintball, it literally becomes an obsession. 

I don't know why it becomes an obsession other than that you get the greatest adrenaline rush without getting hurt. The only injuries that you could face with are minor scratches, bruises, and if you are unlucky, the nasty groin hit. 

(Ouch! Just remember to protect the family jewels) 

Currently, I am a regular contributing writer for Paintball 2-xtremes Magazine doing GUN reviews. I stress "gun" because all of this P.C. crap about calling them "markers" is a load of pussy ass friggin semantics.  A gun is a gun is a gun.  Just ask the average person about a paintgun, they would say that it was a gun, not a "marker".

As for the creation of the Unofficial TS1 Page, it all began after writing the TS1 gun review for Action Pursuit Games. The story was finally printed in the January 1998 issue due to the increase in supply of these guns. To read what I actually submitted to them [click here] 

All I can really say is that the TS1 uses the most ingenious technology around to load paintballs. Say all that you may about the other high tech electropneumatics out there, the Angels, RTs, Shockers, Bushmater 2000s or Raimakers . Those guns still use tried and true old fashioned gravity loaders to feed rounds. The basic mag can fire much faster than it can load balls. Wonder why? Can you say gravity? There is no way that the mag, let alone any other paintgun out there can load rounds faster than the TS1 unless it uses some additional force to do the loading. The RT has extra ports that will hook up to air rams to feed balls into the gun faster, but that hasn't come to market yet.  

The TS1 Select (aka AT85) does not have to worry about using some additional piece of hardware to do that. It was designed to fire in full auto at 12 rps. And holy friggin shit, it works! 

Here are some cool photos that I have taken of my personal minicocker. The Stainless Dye makes her pretty heavy, but these barrels are pretty damn sweet. The Palmer's Stabilizer reg hasn't been field tested extensively, but during my initial games, I didn't break a single ball all day. Usually I tend to break at least one ball a day. 


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