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Big Loader   
Review by Rocky 

Updated: 3-13-00  2145 PST

ATTENTION: Important information regarding this product. It has been shelved due to "falling customer demand."  The following information came from Paul Hedrington, in charge of ATS' marketing department.

    "The magnum loader development project has been put on "hold"
    indefinitely by ATS, Inc.  The cost of this program and the falling
    customer demand have caused us to shelve this project.  The view loader
    adapter clip seems to have satisfied 95% of the AT85R owners that want
    more paint on their gun.  The clip option is much more cost effective
    and still provides a five inch lower profile than any competitive gun. 
    Please continue to check our web site for future innovations to enhance
    product performance and paintball play."

    Sales & Marketing
    ATS, Inc.


This breaking information has really come to a shock to me as well as the rest ot the TS1 community.  ATS should understand the marketing principle that literally runs the computer industry.  Everyone wants their machine to go faster, farther, and better than the last model. We live in a consumer environment, and the vast majority of us players are always looking for the next item to add to our guns.  This upgrading keeps us interested in the guns that we have and the products that can make our guns that much better. Remember that saying, "build it and they will come?"  Well, it works in this situation.

I know that there is no "falling customer demand" here.  This Magnum Loader will give us players the ultimate edge that completely negates ANY possible advantage of the ViewLoader clip mod.

If you feel strongly for this potential product line please  email them at

For up to date information, visit the F.U.N. Supply TS1 Message Board where a public forum regarding this situation is taking place.  Talk with fellow owners and make your voices heard.

Below are images of the design that is currently collecting dust.

The following  pictures were taken by Rocky Grismore during the Zap Amateur Tournament in Pittsburgh, PA (USA), which was held in August 1997. 

ProfileClamshell DesignRight side

Tagline's designers have really topped themselves by redesigning their big loader.  Now they have one hell of a product that will really turn some heads on the fields of play.  Scheduled release: Who the hell knows?

Loader to gun connectionNew clipTop view


The new Magnum Loader will utilize a battery powered chain feed delivery system that is similar to the mechanics of the current clip. An agitator in the loader will dislodge any jams that may occur.  Other design elements include a "clamshell" design which will enable a player to open the loader without the use of any tools. The loader comes fitted with an electronic eye sensing device (similar to a ViewLoader 2000)  that will automatically shut off the feeding of the Magnum when there are sufficient rounds in the clip. 

As the balls move from the from loader and into the clip, they will be fed through a feed tube within the clip.  This arrangement will allow the balls to always feed into the clip's chain drive. What this means to the player is no ball jams within the clip and thus no bent pins on the chain.